Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just Cruising Along

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Last fall, before Joe's mom died, we made arrangements to take her on  a dinner cruise for her 99th birthday. But she spent her birthday with Jesus. There are no refunds for the cruise, but instead we  were given a gift card for the full amount, that didn't expire. So last month we made reservations for the 20th of August on the Sternwheeler in Cascade Locks, in the Columbia Gorge . We stayed at The Port of Cascade Locks Campground. Our friend Ruth joined us for the cruise. Our windswept hairdo's was exactly that! The wind blew the whole time we were there, but if it hadn't it would have been uncomfortably hot for me.

There are 10 sites with partial hook ups and five with no hook ups. The view is incredibly beautiful. There are some draw backs to camping here.  The train trestle you have to go under is only 12ft. Did I say train?  Yes I did and  those trains come and go about every 1/2 hour all day and all night. And it sounds like they are coming right down the RV park driveway!!!! 

For us it was really OK because we love trains.  We also were able to watch tribal members from the Nez Perce, Umatilla, Warm Springs and Yakama tribes fish right below us. Some used poles, others nets. They are allowed to sell their catch right from their boat. Now that's fresh!

This is the sternwheeler The Columbia. We took the Landmark Gorge Cruise a 51/2 hour cruise from Cascade locks, through the Bonneville Locks to Multnomah falls and back. 

We boarded at 9:30 AM and were immediately seated at our table and told our continental breakfast was ready for us.

The sternwheeler accommodates up to 160 passengers for a sit-down event and up to 450 passengers maximum. The morning we went, there was a tour group consisting of 77 people. The vessel has two floors and they were both full. The third floor is an open deck where we were free to roam 
I think this guy thought he could catch a ride on the waves from the sternwheel paddles all the way to Multnomah Falls.

Mr. G enjoying the ride

As I said earlier, the wind blew quite a bit and the paddles sent up quite a spray to the those near it.

Here we are entering the Bonneville Locks. It was a very interesting procedure.

See the dark water line at the top?  That's where we started.

And see how low it dropped us before the gates opened?

This is just a shot of one half of one of the dining rooms. Our table was clear to the back on the right hand side. (I'm in the white sweater and teal colored Capri's) Included in the cruise was a huge continental breakfast at 9:30, a luncheon buffet at noon with two hot dishes, all kinds of fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese and crackers, and at 2:00 they served desert. Cookies, cheese cakes, fruit delicacies, Coffee and tea were included, Soda was $3.00 but was refillable all day. Other drinks were put on a tab and given to the guest at the end of the cruise.

Views along the way

Our Captain giving more historical information

This sea lion was just huge! Captain says he feasts on the salmon.

These are Tribal fishing platforms. The salmon are running and the catches plentiful

They live in various forms of huts, and tents.

Look closely to the left of the platform, a little more comfortable way of camping...a trailer.

How about a TP?  The real thing.

We are almost back to the port. Just past the bridge on the right hand side.

Friday afternoon, we took in opening day of our State Fair.

Joe and I enjoy watching the horse shows

2019 this building will be a hundred years old.

During the time we were there, these miniature horses pulling their riders on a carts were being judged. We didn't get there until about 3:00pm and left for home by 10:00 because Joe had the Sandbaggers Horseshoe tournament this weekend.

Joe and his friend Russ comparing notes at days end. Joe took first in his division and Russ (whose percentage is higher than Joe's) took second in his division. Congratulations you two. Good Job!!