Friday, August 1, 2014

It's all about Joe

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The first part of this trip, Joe spent time showing me all the beautiful canyons, mountain passes and the Durango to Silverton Train.  Now, it's all about Joe and his family and friends. In my last blog, he got to visit with his cousin Larry and family. Yesterday we made a trip over to Walcott, ND to see long time family friends, Jerome and  Arlene Walcott, their son David and their Three grandsons, Jonathan, Nick and Cody. Joe lived in this house all of his elementary school years through his first year of high school, before Jerome and Arlene bought it. 

When we drove up to the house, Arlene told us Jerome was out in the field raking. So she got in the Malibu with us and we went out to meet him. This is the 1968 Case he was on. They farm about 300 acres. There's wheat, alfalfa and soy beans to harvest, pigs, chickens and some horses, and later they will be feeding a couple hundred head of cows. In the winter there are deer trying to help themselves to the hay, so son David, breaks open a couple bales of hay, to feed them and said you'd be surprised how that helps keep them away from the rest of his  hay.

I learned that on the farm, dinner is at noon, and supper is in the evening after they get in from the fields. It is haying season right now.

Kittens are plentiful on the farm. This one loves to hide under one of the grandkids toys.

This is Lucky. She grins from ear to ear every time Joe' pets her.

When Jerome and Arlene bought the farm, they also bought this china cupboard that belonged to Joe's grandma Graffis. It is over a hundred years old.

Joe headed out to the fields with 17 year old Jonathan to bail some hay. He said when he closed the door it was very quiet in the cab. They did have an am/fm radio in it.  

We learned that everything is computerized in the tractor/baler.  And that roll of hay that it just "spit out"  1500-1700 pounds.  It takes a special piece of equipment they have to pick it up and put it on the truck to get it out of the field.

Look close.........see that grin on Joe's face.  There is an old, still working, Farmall M tractor  parked by the barn, that Jerome bought, just for the memories of the one he drove as a kid.When  Joe was about 12 he tells of driving an old grain truck from the farm to the Walcott Elevator and dumping  it.

The one thing that disappointed Joe was seeing that the house he was born in is no longer standing. But it use to be in the grove of trees.

After we said goodbye to Jerome and Arlene, we spent a few hours looking up old classmates of Joe's that still live in Walcott including Herb and Kay Berg. They had a good time "remembering when and who"

It took Dennis Fatland a while to remember  who Joe was

But once he did, they sure had some good laughs remembering pranks some of their classmates pulled. The house that Dennis lives in is the oldest one in Walcott and is 150 years old.

This is Dennis's brother Darlan. He was helping Joe remember the names of some of their classmates in that class picture.

Joe's Aunt Marlene and Uncle Wesley were born in this house here in Walcott, ND

Walcott isn't much more than a Ghost town now. This building is empty, 

But the Post Office is still  working.

And this is the sunset that followed us "to our home on wheels" last night.  It was a fun day. We just received a phone call from cousin Larry, inviting us to their home across the river in Morehead, Minnesota. His two brothers James and Jerry will be arriving there from Missouri and Arkansas. This Sunday afternoon family reunion is turning into an all week one and we are loving every minute of it.