Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taking the back roads through Nebraska to South Sioux City, Nebraska

I didn't know what to expect when we left Sterling, Co early this morning and headed for Nebraska. Mostly all I had heard was how boring the drive would be. 

Well let me tell you when you're on a trip with Joe, it's never boring.  He loves to read maps and plan trips and a GPS is just a nuisance to him. (even though it has helped him out of a few jams in unfamiliar territory) Like today when it sent him to a corn field instead of the campgrounds......

And when something like this yellow crop duster gets mighty close to the road, he really gets excited. So I watch the road and he watches the plane. (not really, we both watch the road and the plane)  Not much traffic on the road we were on anyway.

 There were fields of rolled hay and baled hay,

But this reminded me of a scene right from Europe somewhere.  Why do some of the farmers do it this way in Nebraska?

There were plenty of barns to enjoy,

Long stretches of road that looked like this,

And to my delight, old abandoned houses now and then 

Like these.

There was lots of beef on the hoof in the fields

And I never got tired of the grain silo's or what ever these are called

Seeing these cows ready to become some one's dinner, really bothered me.  I know that's just part of life to a farmer, but it was hot outside and hundred's and hundred's of these poor creatures had to just stand or lay in the dirt.

There were many, beautiful, but simple farm houses, with well manicured yards.

We finally arrived at our destination, Scenic Park Campground in South Sioux City, Nebraska about 8:30 tonight, after the GPS tried to make us camp in a corn field close by. The Missouri River is right in front of is. This is what we see to the Left out the front window,

And The hard Rock Cafe and the Tyson Events Center is directly in front of us on the other side the river,

A view of some of Sioux City,

And a Stern Wheeler, permanently docked which Joe says is a restaurant/casino.
I can't wait to get back on the road again Tuesday morning and see what he has planned for going up through the eastern part of South Dakota and on to West Fargo, North Dakota where the Graffis Family reunion is being held next Sunday.  Anyone ever heard of Walcott, ND?  :P