Thursday, June 19, 2014

The End Of Another Fun Rally

Yesterday I told you after the  evening potluck there was going to be banana races. I'm not going to take the time to tell you how it was played but there was a lot of laughter involved.  Each couple had four opportunities to win 1st, place or show. I'm happy to report  we came home with three prizes. A 1st, a place and a show. There was a table full of gifts and everyone went home happy.  
A group photo of the banana party.

We went for another little drive so I could take some pictures to show you just how low the water level is right now. These were taken over by the Crescent Bar Condos.

I think the pictures say it all, the consequences from jumping from the bridge.

We went on to Soap Lake. At one time I lived in Grand Coulee and also Electric City and I never tired of driving by the Coulee Wall. In the winter time, the moisture froze and the minerals in the rock made for beautiful colors of greens, yellow and oranges. Even  the time of day and how the light reflected on the wall were beautiful

 We stopped at Smokiam RV Resort formerly Western Horizon's Soap Lake RV Resort, where we spent our honeymoon ten years ago. This is the view outside the office.  The end to my story  is we had  the pleasure of visiting with Lynette and Paul and their two poodles Andy and Rags . Lynette was the manager at Soap Lake when we were there on our honeymoon.