Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This past weekend was a fun filled one for us celebrating a H.S. graduation and Father's Day with Joe's Son and Daughter. Then early yesterday morning (Monday) we headed for Crescent Bar via I-90 and Snoqualmie Pass. 

It's been close to 20 years since I've been over the pass and it is still as beautiful as I remember it. Please overlook the white dots in the picture. Raindrops........

This is Keechelus Lake and is right along I-90 as you come down off Snoqualmie Pass

This was probably my biggest suprise driving over the pass.  The Snow Shed Tunnel is gone

This is the Vantage Bridge that crosses the Columbia River

Truly the mighty Columbia. Keep the width of this river in mind when you see the size of it where we are right now......

From mountains to desert

Orchards that are irrigated by the Columbia.

As we got closer to Crescent Bar we could see how low the water was and this is why.A Crack in Wanapum Dam is requiring  the water level to be lowered so repairs can be made.

Let the fun begin!

A Meet & Greet include Banana Daiquiri Punch (minus spirits) followed by Dinner at 6:00 with  Penne Pasta Marinara, Caesar Salad, Rolls & Dessert.  After dinner it was member generated game time. Our game choice was  Fast Track.

And desert was wonderful!

The Center pieces and game prizes were all about bananas......and some monkeys too. We bring our own table settings

Mr. G staying out of the drizzle 

Remember the picture of how wide the Columbia River was at Vantage?  Because of a Crack in the Wanapum Dam, the water level has been greatly reduced so they can repair the dam.  The river normally comes clear up to the green trees on the left. It looks like a Crescent thus, Crescent Bar and is a very popular spot for water sports.

This is a small portion of the RV Park

The club house, also where all our indoor activities take place this week.

The sun shining on the Columbia

O.K. here is where the fun got crazier. These buckets are labeled 5-10-15. The idea is to see who gets the most points by throwing plastic bananas into the buckets.

I made it through the first round, then the semi finals and guess what.....

I came in second!! Couldn't do that again if I tried.

Our Prize?  

A top Banana Trophy that sits proudly on our shelf in the truck house .
Check back in tomorrow.  A Potluck dinner tomorrow evening with Banana Splits for desert and we were asked to wear Banana Colored Clothing. Yellow??? Not my favorite color of clothing on me, but we had fun getting our wardrobe together. Entertainment tomorrow night? Banana Races!! I can hardly wait  :p