Sunday, June 1, 2014

Visiting the Vancouver, BC Aquarium

Yesterday, we visited the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, BC. Joe chose to use the Port Mann Toll Bridge to get there. I paid the $3.00 fee the same day. I guess they take a picture of your car and license plate as you cross the bridge and if you don't pay within 7 days, there is a $2.30 service charge added to the $3.00 toll fee. 
The Aquarium is finishing up a huge expansion and will have a grand reveal on June 13th. All the construction doesn't seem to have affected the visitors.  

This was the beluga exhibit. The blue of the water and the belugas being white, didn't make for good pictures, but they were beautiful to watch. 

These are African Pengins

Harbour Seals

One of our favorites to watch was the dolphins

There was a large display of frogs, large frogs

small frogs, and frogs of all colors

I loved the pattern on this stingray
Taken from the internet
Beautiful McCaws
The Scarlet Ibis
My first experience to see a two toed sloth up close and personal.

Amazonian Goeldi’s marmoset
I call this a crocodile but I learned at the aquarium it's a  caiman and is an Amazonian predator that moves very, very quickly when hunting its prey. 

As we were walking back to the car look what was coming in to port... The cruise ship, Coral Princess.
We have enjoyed our time at Thousand Trails Birch Bay RV Park.  It was close enough for us to be able to enjoy spending time in Vancouver  and Victoria 
BC. Now it's time to move on to our next adventure. Oh, for those of you who were wondering whether or not I did the suspension bridge...... I didn't. But it wasn't because of a fear. There is so much to see and do at that exhibit we have decided to do it the next time we come. No sense in trying to do every thing at once.