Friday, May 23, 2014

FMCA Lewis and Clark at Rally Silver Creek, Washington

This is the view you see on your right as you approach the entrance to TT Paradise RV Resort in Silver Creek, Washington
And this is the view to  your left as you approach the entrance.

This is the Ranger Station where you check in. There were  23 coaches and about 46 members for this rally. I can't say enough about how nice the manager and staff were. They went out of their way to accommodate our needs. The park is beautiful as the following pictures will show.

We  enjoyed four fun filled days at the rally with other members of the FMCA NW Lewis and Clark Chapter. Some of the activities were  horseshoe tournaments and although I didn't take a picture of the courts, a nice tennis court, that can be taped off to play pickleball.

Another fun activity was the fishing derby.  

There are two ponds on the property, a large one, and a smaller on and they are both stocked with rainbow trout.

Joe and his friend Russ both won awards...... Russ for the most fish thrown back, and Joe for the least amount

This is the larger pond

This is the dinning hall/rec hall.  We had pot luck breakfasts and dinners in here, and also host prepared meals. The pork pulled sandwiches which was served with cold slaw, and baked beans were the best I've ever tasted! Then in the evenings, after dinner, we played games. Fast Track, Dominoes, Hand and Foot to name a few. Lots of laughs and fun was had by all!

The building on the left is the park store and will be open this weekend.

The Hot Tub

Children's pool for ages 6 and under

Family Pool

Adult Pool

We noticed a lot of logging had been done on the grounds.

We were told by the staff that 40 truck loads of logs were taken out of the park to make room for large camp sites for larger rigs.

There are some sewer sites, and some sites where you can get Satellite reception. We had a sewer site, but couldn't get Satellite reception but that didn't matter to us because we were so busy  having fun with the activities. We are looking forward to coming back to Paradise again.