Monday, May 12, 2014

"How Green Is My Oregon" And A Very Special Blessing Today!

This morning it was time to turn the truck house towards home for a few days.

After I finished my duties readying the inside, I took one last walk along the banks of the Rogue River which was right by our site, while Joe finished hooking up the car.

Joe and I both agree it just seems like everything is greener than last spring.

You might want to click on this picture to enjoy this field of sheep

This picture shows our special blessing today. Yes, we were able to meet Russ and Donna for lunch.

Picture borrowed from the internet

When I talked to Donna this morning I asked that they choose the restaurant because we are not that familiar with  the Eugene area. Their choice was the Roaring Rapids Pizza Company. Look at the view we enjoyed while we were having lunch! It seemed like the time went by so quickly that we had to say goodbye for now. I was hoping we could meet Ollie and Jewel, but it was too warm to leave them in the car while we were in the restaurant, and Ollie is still getting used to meeting strangers.  I'm sure the next time we meet, they will be there to say hi too.