Friday, May 9, 2014

Another full day of Beauty and Fun

These are the Grants Pass Horseshoe Pits at Reinhart Volunteer Park where Joe will be pitching tomorrow and Sunday. Pretty nice huh.

The restrooms are on either side of this very nice building. The open part holds picnic tables and plenty of room for my camp chair IF I decided to go.  I'm not going to make that decision until about 7:30 in the morning. If its cold, or raining or both........I'm staying here in my warm little Truck House. I just can't be as cold as I was in Bend last weekend. It was miserable.

After we checked out the Horseshoe Pits, we went to another city park that I didn't see the name of. But it was full of beautiful flowers and many varieties of Rhododendrons.

I love Rhododendrons. My maiden name was Waterer, which some family historians say the meaning is "keeper of the Rhododendrons"

Back in the late 60's, early 70's I lived in Tillamook, Oregon and there was a Rhododendron Tree by my house that I could see outside my upstairs window. It had beautiful blooms every Mother's Day. The local radio station would make mention of this beautiful tree each year and we always had people driving by to see it.

If you are at a nursery, near the rhododendron plants,  Take note of the name tags. Three I know of are Kate Waterer, Gomer Waterer and Michael Waterer.

After we left the 2nd park Joe decided it would be fun to take a ride up Highway 140 as far as Lake of the Woods.

The country side was beautiful. Like yesterday it rained off and on.

We stopped at Fish Lake and this was the only boat we saw. They were making a "mad dash" for the shore to get out of the down pour.

We decided this would be a nice place for a bite to eat. I had fish and chips and Joe had a hamburger and fries. Everything was cooked to perfection. When we complimented the cook, he told us the fries were "whole potatoes" an hour earlier. Yep, he washes, peels and puts the potatoes in the slicer then in to the cooker. Can't get much more fresh than that.

Their busy season doesn't start until Memorial Day weekend so we pretty much had the whole dinning room to ourselves.  

The last time we were here, a few years ago, the weather was beautiful and we rented a paddle boat for a couple of hours.  Wore myself out but it sure was fun.
As we headed back to the car I took notice of all the moss on these trees. Beautiful

I can just picture a nice picnic at one of these tables when the weather is nicer.

This is a picture of the little store/cafe where we were. There are cabins, park models and RV campgrounds at the top of this hill. Just a beautiful place.

On the way back to our RV Park we went through Gold Hill, Oregon. What a quaint little town. When we saw this I just had to have a picture. It is a now an antique store. Just covered with ivy.