Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beautiful Drive Even In The Rain

It started raining as we drove away from TT Bend/Sunriver RV Park this morning. Joe decided we would take Highway 97 to Highway 58 and cut across to just South of Eugene, then took I-5 to Grants Pass. Even in the rain, it was a beautiful Drive.  Diamond Peak was hiding in the clouds but Odell Lake was beautiful

There were curves and moutains. We went as high as 5100 ft to a low of 500 ft. My ears did a lot of popping.

There were Tunnels

And when we came out of the tunnel it was raining even harder.

This seemed like a very narrow train trestle to me.

As we came down in altitude it seems Spring is making its appearance. Lush green trees.

This is the Dexter Reservoir. Drag Boat races are held here in July and August

This is the Lowell Covered Bridge. I'm Sorry about the raindrops, but as you can tell in the back ground, it was raining hard.

We arrived at  Bridgeview RV Resort about 3:30 this afternoon. We are parked right next to the Rogue River.

It is beautiful and peaceful 

It quit raining long enough for Joe to clean the road grime off the truck house and the Malibu.

This was our welcoming committee and just recently having returned from a Hawaii vacation we looked at each other, smiled and said Nene....Hawaii's State Bird

Just as Joe finished cleaning the car, it started raining again. He said he doesn't mind the rain, he just wanted to get the grime off.  Oh, and not only are we by the river, we have beautiful green grass on both sides and a blossoming white dogwood tree too.  From High Desert to lush green and rivers.  I love my Oregon.