Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meeting Another Blogger Friend

Today we went to Sisters, Oregon to meet another blogger friend.

Yes!! Loree! of Life with Luci and Loree I'll never forget the first time I commented on her blog calling her Luci, that she sweetly corrected me letting me know Luci was her dog and She was Loree. 

Picture borrowed from the internet
When we were setting up a time and place to meet for lunch I asked her to pick the restaurant because we didn't know the area and right away she told us Bronco Billy's Saloon and Grill was a great place to eat. Loree has GREAT taste! We loved it there. The food was good, the service was good, and the room was just full of old western history!
 After lunch we got to meet Luci. What a sweet and precious little dog.  Remember the fear I have of dogs that I'm trying very hard to get behind me? Well there was no fear of Luci. She even kissed my face. Now I don't think Luci was very happy with Loree for leaving her in the car though. Loree saved a little bit of her lunch for later She put the white take out container in the car and while we were finishing our visiting and saying goodbye, I heard Loree say Luci........!! Yep, Luci thought that yummy, left over lunch was for her.

They are tearing up the streets of Sisters. But it will be beautiful in a few weeks. New sidewalks, sitting benches, trees and flowers. And some of the storefronts are getting new faces too.

Now for me,the day wouldn't be complete in Sisters with out visiting the White Rabbit/The Hens Tooth Store. A girl could spend an obscene amount of money in that store if she didn't have some will power!

I did come away with a couple of birthday gifts, and a new very small over the shoulder purse for myself

Can anyone identify this tree?  I was told by one of the store clerks it has a beautiful fragrance that fills her store when she opens the doors in the morning.