Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stopped with No Warning

Today we took another day trip on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway

I wish I knew the history of all the fallen trees on this scenic drive. Miles and miles of them
This is the Crane Prairie Resevoir

Further down the road we stopped at a pull out by a bridge.  These steps made it easier for the fisherman to get to the river from the road.

This is the river from one side of the road

Under the bridge on down the other side.  Again, look at all the fallen trees. If any of you reading this who is familiar with The history of Deschutes County and knows why all the downed trees, I would love to hear about it.  I haven't had any luck Googling it.

As we were headed back to the car I noticed that there had been some busy little beavers in the neighborhood.

By the time we got to Cultus Lake, the wind was blowing, the water was choppy and it was getting colder.

We passed this fast moving creek coming in and out of Cultus Lake area

As we made our way along the scenic route, we began seeing snow along the sides of the road but the pavement was bare and wet.

This is Elk Lake with ice and snow on it. Mount Bachelor is hidden by clouds

I took this looking down from where I was standing. Snow, deep snow down to the lakes edge.

Forest Fires cause great devastation. This one was caused by lightening started a small fire that smolder for days before it became a raging fire.

This was the reason for my blog title. We were enjoying our ride when we came upon this sign AND a gate. With no warning at the last junction, we had no choice but to turn around and go 44 miles back to where we could get on 97 again. At the point of the road block, we were only 32 miles from  Bend. There was no explanation of why it was closed. The roads were bare and dry. We were in our Malibu and had no problem turning around and even if we had the truck house and were towing the car it wouldn't have been a problem. But what if we had been a 40' Class A towing............... that might have been more of a problem.  We have decided we will take this loop again when we come back in July. I want t!o see what was on the other side that closed sign.

Tomorrow is a exciting day. We are going to take another day trip, this time to Sisters to meet another blogger friend for the first time.