Monday, May 5, 2014

Laundry Day and Propane Fumes

Today was Laundry Day. On Laundry Day when we're traveling we grab the laundry and a game and either head for the laundry room at the RV Park or a Laundromat in town. Today's game of choice was 10,000 and we each won a game.
This happens to be the laundry room at the RV Park. Neat, clean,  but the standard dryers  do not get the clothes dry after $1.50 for 48 minutes. I don't like them "burned" but not damp either.  We took the damp clothes and put them in a big load dryer that takes a quarter for six minutes.  75 Cents and 18 minutes  later the rest of the clothes were dry.(by the way, if my hair looks like I just got out of the shower.....I did)

He folds his clothes, I fold mine, and we both fold the towels.

Before we left for Hawaii, Joe put mesh screening over the water heater vent and furnace exhaust to to keep bees out. We were here in Bend for a couple of days before we started smelling propane fumes, but only when we turned the hot water heater on. Not the furnace or the stove.  So I looked in the flyer they give you when you go into an RV Park, under the advertisements and found ARK Mobile RV Repair  First I'm  happy to report, there were NO propane leaks. The problem was the result of the screens. They are good to keep the bees out but we learned we need to make sure they come off before we travel. Sometimes, it causes fumes to back up into the rig which in our case it did. The whole reason for writing about this experience was to give kudos to Jody, the service technician from Ark. He was very professional and figured out the problem in a timely fashion. (right after Joe told him about the screens)  First of all we hope none of our blogger friends have RV difficulties  if they are in this area, but if you do, we highly recommend ARK Mobile RV Repair.