Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Look Who Came For Supper

We really enjoyed the spot we were in here at the park, but our neighbors really enjoy a camp fire.....from 7:00 AM until who knows when.  And it wasn't a fire. It was just smoke. All day. Smoke found it's way inside our rig even with the doors and windows closed, our clothes smelled like a campfire... Finally about 4:00 this aft we asked the ranger if we could move to a different spot and he said no problem.  While we were setting up, I saw two deer. 

By the time I got my camera and got outside, the "family" was now nine! They all looked like they were molting. Sort of shaggy deer.

They were in no hurry and didn't seem to be afraid of anyone. There is a small meadow just a few yards from us. That is where they chose to have their supper and rest. We were told by one of the other long term campers here this is a daily ritual. 

So now we are settled in to our new spot. No camp fire smoke. I don't mind a little smoke around the campfire but all day is just too much. And oh, a lot of the time the couple were inside their rig.

Another pretty Sunriver Sunset.