Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almost Time To Head Home

This week has gone by so fast and we covered a lot of territory. We went as far as we could go one way on the Island and then as far as we could go on the North side.  

This is the spouting horn. We also visited the Kauai Coffee Company but somehow, I lost close to 200 pictures I took that day including the ones from the Coffee company.

We loved the beautiful country side

Saturday evening we took a sunset dinner cruise to the far north end of the island.  NaPali You can only see it by air or sea.

It was pretty choppy. Six of the 24 people on board got sick, but not us and we did  have a beautiful sunset.

Easter Sunday we attended church with a new friend.
Yuki is the concierge at the hotel we are staying at and when I was asking about Easter Sunday services, she told us where she attended and that was just perfect for us. Such a sweet lady she is.  She also sat up the two tours we took while here.  

After church Sunday we went for a Sunday drive up to Waimea Canyon. It has been called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Just beautiful

This was our Monday Morning Sunrise

This morning we took a nice drive as far as you can go North by car to Ke'e Beach. On the way, I noticed this sign and it gave me a chuckle.  For those of you who have never been to Kauai, There are chickens every where you look, no matter where you are.

Christ Memorial Episcopal Church

Along the way we saw people paddling surf boards both in the ocean 

and on the river

We had to cross 8 single lane bridges. Local custom is 5-7 cars then 5-7 cars the other direction.

This is as far as one can by car North Ke'e Beach

On the way back we stopped at Hanalei Beach and Pier. It rained a lot today but it was still almost 80 degrees. Another day full of beautiful sights.

I learned yesterday, this beautiful little bird is a Brazilian Cardinal 
This was today's sunrise........

And Sunset.