Monday, March 31, 2014

We Got The Bug But The Anibiotics Are Kicking In

We left the California desert almost two weeks ago. By Saturday, Joe was sick with an upper respiratory infection. Wednesday when I went to the Dr. for my regular 3 month check up (and am happy to say I'm doing great with all my numbers) Joe went with me. Dr. put him on antibiotics and he is getting better now.
Then Friday afternoon, my throat started getting sore and I started running a low grade fever. Oh no. We are less than 2 weeks from getting on that plane to Hawaii. Saturday and Sunday I mostly spent in bed. This morning I  sent a message to my Dr. (we have a wonderful program called "My Chart" where I can send him a message and he responds back). I told him I was sick and what did he think of putting me on Zithromax Z-Pak and the answer was a quick yes!

We are in between trips right now so I thought I would share some of my flowers in my garden with you. 

We are really happy that we could hire  our neighbor to care for our yard while we are gone.

While I was taking pictures I looked up and dark storm clouds were forming for our next down pour of rain.

Our Lace Leaf Maple is bursting with new leaves

Mr. Lincoln Rose Bush is sporting new growth

Our Azalea hedges will soon be fiery red again 

And the blue berry bushes are going to be loaded again this year. We told Mr. neighbor to eat all the blueberries they could other wise the birds will get them.

And not to be outdone, the rhubarb is saying "look at me" I'm going to give that nice neighbor fruit too.

I knew Joe was on the mend when he went outside this afternoon and cleaned both the  TruckHouse and the Malibu........remember that dark cloud I showed you????  I'll let you figure out the rest of the story.