Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Way To Remove Dirt, Dust and Sand from the Car

We had another wind the other night which means more dirt, sand and dust. When we got up Joe said "You know, the best way to get this stuff off of the car is to get in it, and head for Big Bear (Mountain) and let it blow off". So that's what we did. This is one of our favorite drives.

The altitude ranges from 6750 to 9,000 ft. The last sign we saw was 8,000
We left home at nine in the morning at it was already 75, thus the capri's and tank top. But when I got out of the car my word..... it was 56 degrees. It had been six years since we had been here and my how it has changed. New housing, this ramp and fishing dock are new. I walked to the bottom, looked, and got my self back up to the car where it was much warmer inside.

Something is missing in this picture this year.  We always took Viola's picture by herself and with Joe in front of this rock.

The scenery is beautiful. Every where you look

Joe did this up close shot to show the snow still on the peaks.

I took this one just out of Big Bear City

This is another of our favorites.

Lots of fun shopping and places to eat. The Round  building with the brown roof and steeple is a Mexican restaurant.

I took this one on the way down the mountain. Just for you Carol P.  Carol has been a wonderful photography teacher and I look forward to her critiques.

I was afraid we weren't going to be able to connect with our friend Mary-Pat of Butterflies and Heartsongs before we left for home. But after she got settled in her temporary home, we picked her up and had a great time of visiting at the Sidewinder Restaurant in Desert Hot Springs.  It was so good to see for myself that she is feeling better. And of course we got to love on Lacey her dog and Elinore, her cat. Oh by the way....... there was still a lot of dirt and sand in and on the car when we got home last night but we sure had a lot of fun.

I don't know where the last eight weeks went except they went very fast. Joe has been cleaning and packing most of the day for our departure for home tomorrow. 

We have a busy rest of the month with appointments and horseshoe tournaments and April is almost full too. But the most exciting part of April will be our two weeks in Hawaii, celebrating our tenth anniversary. It's actually in June 4th, but going in April works better for us. Talking earlier about where did the time go, we were just talking about that this morning. It just doesn't seem like we have been married 10 years already!  Ten GREAT years at that.