Friday, March 14, 2014

Less than 24 hours later...........

Yesterday about this time, we were watching huge ugly dark clouds coming towards us.  This was not a good thing because that usually means sand and dirt and lots of it. I was inside with all the windows and vents shut when I took this picture.
So today I went outside, approximately the same place skies.  
Photo borrowed from website
I recently went on line to make ROD reservations at Lake Easton RV Resort in Washington. The lady at the park said they still had about 2 feet of snow. She said it was raining and no more snow was expected and I-90 was clear.  The park is open... The water is still shut off but we could fill our tank at the gate and they do have sewer.  It's a Sunrise Park, a beautiful park, but I'm thinking the teen grand kids will enjoy the beach better than the snow.....
Today was craft sale day here in the park. I found the type of Apron I just love and have wanted for a long time and a bonus too. Two hot pads to match. Look along side of the hot pads. A Napkin Holder that matches the color scheme of the interior of the motor home.  I'm happy happy. After pitching horse shoes this morning, Joe spent the rest of the day cleaning the car and motor home.  They are all nice an shiny again. So he's happy happy too.