Saturday, March 8, 2014


Today we decided to do a day trip to Idyllwild. It had been about seven years since we had been there. We took I-10 to Banning and headed up the mountain from there. Climbing, climbing our highest elevation was 6,000 feet. We came down a little as we came into Idyllwild, also known as the mile high city. (town)

Beautiful little flowers appearing to grow out of the rocks and sand.

It gives me the feeling of flying as I look down on Banning.

This reminds me of when we went through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

King of the Rock. A huge rock at that

There are many view points along the way.

I'm always tempted to bring home one of these magnificent pine cones. Unlike Lucy in "The Long, Long Trailer", a picture keeps the weight down in the rig. For those of you who know us well, you know that Joe's nickname for me is Lucy.
We arrived in Idyllwild right at lunch time. We both had halibut fish and chips. The fish was over cooked, over battered,greasy and we felt the meal was over priced. There are many other restaurants there and we think next time we'll choose one of them.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking from one end of town to the other, window shopping and people watching.
We didn't see any of these on our walk 

But we did see a lot of these Painted Deer


 Recently  my daughter in law sent me pictures of my daffodils that are up but not in bloom yet. So I was really surprised to see these daffodils in bloom. You may have noticed I now have my jacket on. The temperature here was about 20 degrees cooler than when we started.

The next few pictures are just local business in town

This is an independent movie crew filming a movie for Amazon to released around Christmas called "Christmas Radio"

Just before time to leave for home, we found this delightful little restaurant off the main street. The name.....Oma's  A little German restaurant/bakery.
We opted for two different deserts with the idea we would share each one. Bad, Bad idea.  The portions were so large, we asked for a box....a big box and brought the rest home. We will have desert for a couple of days.  Now that we know, the next time we go there we will agree on one piece and split it. That large piece in the picture was sort of like bread pudding.

All good things must come to an end. We found a road home we had not taken in years past and ended up in Beaumont before getting on the 10. Another beautiful drive.

Shortly after arriving home, we enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset. In the matter of minutes the colors changed from this,

To This.