Monday, February 24, 2014

An OH NO! kind of day!

Oh No! Look what I did to this poor plant. When my sister gave it to me the whole plant looked like the leaves on the right. With lots of tender loving care, I brought it back to life and it came with us to the desert. I have been so careful to keep it out of the sun until yesterday....... I sat it on the dashboard Saturday while I was cleaning my counters and forgot it. Today while reading Jim and Mary's Blog. She made a comment about hand watering some of her plants and it jogged my memory. I can salvage it, but it sure frustrated me that I forgot about the poor plant.

Oh No! The horseshoe buddies are back together again in the same park......with out their shirts.

OH NO! He hung two ugly, heavy bottles on each end of our awning. ( might want to click on the picture to see it up close)  It gets windy very fast here and for sure you never want to leave  your awning down over night or if you leave the park. You may not have it when you get back. I like things to look nice and pretty. But today, even though there wasn't nary a breeze, Joe was going to be away from the rig most of the day playing pickleball and pitching horse shoes and I can't put the awing down by myself. The heavy jugs (but not so heavy they damage the awning) helps stabilize it.