Friday, February 14, 2014

Old Friends and New Blogger Friends

Yesterday started off with a trip to Ralph's Pharmacy to pick up my prescription.  Our Fred Meyer parking lots at home have some bushes and trees, but I like this scenery much better.

There are so many pretty flowers in the desert.

This is my friend Ruth Good.She and her husband George live on the left side of where our motor home is parked. After being here for a week already, we finally got a chance to sit down and visit for an hour or so. Ruth and I have a connection with the fact for years, she played the piano where my sister attends church.  Ruth's son at one time taught the Sunday School class we attended when we visited Jan.  I was thrilled to see she was still in fairly good health and was still our "next door neighbor" here at Catalina Spa.  She plays the piano for the Jam sessions on Sunday.

It was pretty hot here yesterday, (90) and I looked across the way at the pond, and look who was sunning himself! I've been told there are two adult turtles and a baby turtle in the pond. There are also schools of little fish, about three inches long in there. Lots of ducks roam around there too.

This morning, Valentines Day, Joe had me playing hide and seek before we ate breakfast.  He had hidden my Valentine gift (s). The wrapping was so pretty I hated to open them.  He blessed me with a pretty Black Hills  Gold necklace and earrings

Next on the agenda today was a Pickleball tournament followed by a Valentine's pot luck lunch. It was good seeing friends we hadn't seen in six years or so. By the way, Joe won three and lost two.

The biggest, most special happening of the day was meeting George and Suzie Yates. I knew they were in our park and today they stopped by to say hi for a few minutes and we had so much fun visiting with them the time got away from us and they were here for over and hour.  I had so much I wanted to know about his cooking. It always looks so good you can almost eat it off the screen. I think we're pretty convinced we're going to get a Weber Q 100. Thanks George for telling us in your blog where to find Marilyn. She would probably turn over in her grave if she knew she weighed 34,000 pounds! It was an honor to meet you and Suzie and hope we cross paths again soon.

Just before sundown, Joe asked me to play a game of miniature golf.  Oh, I love that game!! We had a terrific time but I think I had better keep my game to just putting.  Some of those holes took me 6-8 tries.  Ole Joe even got a hole in one.

This was harder than it looks, but I did OK on this one.

One last picture.  Joe and I were sitting outside in our chairs. And a bird was way up high in the tree beside us singing the most beautiful song. Joe would sort of whistle and the bird would sing back.  I grabbed my camera, extended the zoom as far as possible and this was the little guy/gal that was singing.