Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy Morning, Enjoyable Afternoon and Evening

Yesterday, while Joe was getting ready for the day, the water in the bathroom just stopped. So I checked the kitchen faucet and sure enough, no water there either. He went out and checked the outside connection and there was water leaking around the outdoor faucet and  also the pressure valve where it connects to the MH. After talking to his friend Jim, it was decided he would invest in a water pressure valve and gauge. Jim told him it was a bit "spendy" but $90?  This evening I went on line to Amazon and found one almost like the one he bought for $54.  Oh well, what's done is done. He's happy with how it is performing and we have water again and no leaks.

After having people who should have known, tell us we couldn't have both TV and Satellite, ( and I knew better because we had a switch box in our Class A, ) we now have both again.... and didn't even need a switch box. If you are in the Southern California Desert area, and you are having Satellite/TV problems...We highly recommed Gary Brown Satellite. He can be reached at 760 288-7157. 

Joe helping Gary work with the antenna
He came right to our rig, took 3 1/2 hours for him to undo the mess other "technicians" made, and set up off air antenna and Direct TV System and we now get to watch the rest of the Winter Olympics. Yeah!!!!

What? A submarine in the Park. Actually yes. I was looking out my window and this guy backed his pick up right to the edge of the pond across from us and the next thing I see is this RC Submarine in the water. Joe and I walked over to see what it was all about.

He made it dive and surface. He also has RC planes and Helicopters. On our walk a fellow hollered at us. At first we didn't recognize him because he had his hat off, but when he said "Submarine" we realized it was the owner of this submarine and invited us to come look in the Big bay of his very large 5th wheel.  He had a huge RC Airplane, a couple of smaller ones and a Octocopter along with the Submarine. Big Boy Toys....

This is the pond where we watched him "play" with his submarine.  We were told today, there is also turtles in this pond. So I guess I'll have to go turtle watching tomorrow. There are also ducks who make their home on and near the pond.

The Bocci Ball Courts are right in front of us so Monday and Thursday's I enjoy watching them play.

I've showed you a few pictures of the pond, but here is one of another of my favorite things about this area of the desert.  Those beautiful Hills.I never get tired of looking at them especially when the sun is setting.

This afternoon, Joe's cousin joined us for lunch. She is the office manager of Grace Church here in Desert Hot Springs. She and her husband live about 10 minutes from where we are.

Yes, she rides a Harley. Saturday we are going to meet them in Desert Hot Springs where they will be showing their 1933 Reo in a car show.