Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yearly Thousand Trails Palm Spring Horse Shoe Tournament and settling in at Catalina Spa

We arrived at TT Palm Springs and as soon as we were set up, some of Joe's friends who were there and knew he was coming, had him at the horse shoe pits getting ready for the big tournament on Saturday
There were approximately 60+ pitchers. Joe is third from the right , middle row, wearing a red shirt and blue cap and his friend Russ is next to him in a yellow shirt

Our friends Russ and Kay from Hillsboro are here and Russ pitched in the tournament also. 

The Lady on the right is Carolyn Hopkins. We met her at Tall Chief RV Resort near Issaquah, Washington, ten years. She is the one who got Joe started pitching. 

I surprised Joe by giving him this T Shirt before the tournament started.
Joe did pretty good. They rewarded the top ten in each division. He came in 7th and was given a very nice piece of SW pottery. Those that came in 7th - 10th received nice gifts and 6th-1st received nice medals on a red-white -blue neck ribbon
This is just a portion of spectators and pitchers watching the tournament. Lunch was two hot dogs, chips and a soda or water for $5.00

This is our site at Catalina Spa. It was the very same spot we were in when we left here 61/2 years ago. I was thrilled to find out our "neighbor" Ruth and her husband are still here. They live in a park model that they have a long term lease on.She plays the piano for the jam session on Sunday.  Sunday's are so fun here. Church, followed by a 2:00 ice cream social, followed by a two hour jam session and ends with a very nice hamburger supper.  All the events are pretty much packed out.

This is the view out our window. You can barely see the corner of the club house on the right. The Pickle ball courts are at the end of the pond. There are at least six courts. I do have to say it is very windy at times.  You go 20 miles down the road or across I-10 to Palm Springs and there isn't any wind. Strange.

This is what it looks like at the side and behind our rig. We have our regular outdoor rug we put outside, but with all the sand, I was always sweeping it off. Joe's cousin  showed us the outdoor rug they have and where they got it. So we headed over to Costco and got one. It's not like theirs but the principle is the same.  It has holes in it and the sand just sifts out through the holes.

This picture pretty much speaks for it self.  Yep that's Joe in the blue and green jacket with the blue baseball hat. 
For those of my readers who are Bill Gaither fans, We had a wonderful opportunity this morning to hear Miss Lillie Knauls sing.  What a great lady! She didn't want to stand at the podium but rather wanted a music stand to hold her papers and and stood down in front of us.  Actually she didn't stand, she was always moving and interacting with us. I think we sang as much as she did.  It's hard to believe she is 75 years old!! So full of life!
I have my laptop and printer set up  now. So will try to be a little more regular with my blogs.  I was a little disappointed to find out the Winter Olympics are being broadcast on Network stations.  We can't get local stations on the  Satellite. We were told when the Satellite was installed,we had to choose either  TV antenna or Satellite. In our old Class A, we had a switch box. we could switch from Antenna to Satellite...hmmm don't know why they couldn't do it on this rig.  Oh well. We'll deal with it when we get home. Speaking of home, were praying the ice they are forcasting for Portland tonight doesn't  take down our other awning....We last our big awning in the last big snow/ice storm a few years ago.