Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Visiting Whatcom and Skagit Counties in Washington State

Mt. Baker in the background

This past weekend we  took a trip to the Northwestern part of Washington State. My sister in law lives in Lynden and will be moving to Abbotsford, BC soon. We wanted to visit her before she moved. So we drove to Bonney Lake, WA, picked up my sister and off we went to Lynden. 

The only down side of the trip was it was foggy all weekend. Sometimes it was so foggy we could hardly see in front of us. I love old barns and houses. There are many potato farms in Skagit county. This is one of the fields.

I wish these old buildings could talk. I bet they would have wonderful stories to tell

We arrived in Lynden at noon and Blanche had a wonderful lunch waiting for us.  Pasta Fagioli Soup (just like Olive Garden) and biscuits with home made Strawberry Freezer Jam. If you would like the recipe you can either email me or FB message me and I will be happy to give it to you.  I haven't figured out how to link up a document on here.
After lunch, with Mr. Joe as our chauffeur, we went for a ride to Sumas, 

Taken from the Internet
one of the border crossings into Canada.
then it was on to a ride in the country. We happened on to Cedar Springs a christian retreat center. Beautiful, groomed grounds.
For supper Blanche served us Turkey Crunch Casserole. My Oh My was it ever good.  Again, if you want the recipe you can FB message me or email me.After the table was cleared, and the dishes washed and put away, we settled down for an evening of Skip-Bo.
Saturday morning on our way home, we took a little driving tour of the Fairhaven Historical District in Bellingham. This is the Roland G Gamewell Home.

When we left Bellingham, we took Highway 11 also known as Chuckanut Rd. 20 miles or so of some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. Highway caution signs suggest that large trucks or RVs not take this road.

Sometimes the road got very windy and very narrow.  Can you see the fog ahead?

My sister is the adventurer in the family.

You could hardly tell where the water ended and the sky began. But even gray, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

Mr. Joe taking in the beauty

This was the view to the right of where Joe is standing.

The roots of this tree were wrapped all around a huge bolder
These are trumpeter swans,  They mostly reside in Alaska and northern British Columbia, they migrate to the Puget Sound region each winter.  I read they eat in the fields then fly to a different area to rest.

Read more here: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2014/01/16/3424611/trumpeter-swans-take-flight-in.html#storylink=cpy
This is the Nakashima Farm. The story is such a sad one. and can be found here
This is the original barn. The farm has trails that you can walk, bike, run...... So peaceful and beautiful.

There are only two Golden Corrals in Washington. One in Spokane and one right here in Marysville. A couple of much loved friends gave us gift cards to the Golden Corral for Christmas. The place was packed by the food was worth waiting for.

In closing, yesterday, I had errands to run in Oregon City. The elevation is higher than where we live in Milwaukie.  I knew it was cold when I got up, but in OC I parked right in front of this bush it had a beautiful coat of frost.  Can any one tell me the name of this bush?

Joe works tomorrow and Sunday. Then 
 the dreams of traveling become reality once again.