Friday, December 5, 2014

More fun in Yuma

Off with the Old.......

On With the New

All Finished!

Tuesday we went to the Farmers Market in Historical Old Town Yuma Then we took someone's suggestion and had lunch at Lute's Casino.  It wasn't anything like I expected..

A couple of hamburgers and an order of Chili Cheese Fries to share. Big Mistake.  That order of Chili Cheese fries was so big, we couldn't even finish half. But oh so good.

Pretty soon someone started playing the old piano behind us. He was really good! Then our server introduced us to Mr. Billy Lute's, one of the owners. He is in partnership with his brother and sister.

Just a photo op....

After the Farmers Market closed, the classic car show started and this was Joe's favorite.

The owner lives 6 months in Fairbanks, Alaska and 6 months in Yuma.  He has this car shipped down....and back.

Yesterday we took a ride out to Martha's Date Gardens, had lunch and a nice ride back "home"

We always turn left off the freeway to go to Pilot Knob RV Park but I said let's turn right instead.  This is all you see. Nothing for miles.

On the way I saw this monument and learned a bit of history.

Click to enlarge
Who would have thought at one time this was the largest military training ground ever to exist at the peak of activity at Pilot Knob.

lt rained all night last night and this morning this is what I saw instead of the sunrises I so enjoy.

It didn't rain on my morning walk but I took my umbrella just in case.

We decided not to have a Christmas tree this year. Pretty tight quarters inside our little house on wheels. Instead we went to Lowe's found a pretty poinsettia and 

Big red bow.  Works for us.

We made a trip out to the Arizona Market to pick up a couple of things and couldn't resist taking a picture of these guys...(I asked them first. They were very good natured)  I couldn't believe they were trying to get rid of all that water with buckets.  When we left a couple hours later they were still bailing.

On the way out, Joe got a Mexican haircut. The barber was lot of fun to visit with. The guy was born and raised in Yuma and still lives here. He kept us laughing with all his funny stories and comments. Joe got his money's worth on that haircut!  He wasn't thrilled with how short it is now.


  1. Still having fun, I see!! Might not want to wear your Duck gear in AZ right now LOL!! That plate of chili cheese fries is amazing - no wonder you couldn't eat it all, but it sure looks like a fun place to go. Love that piano player - why didn't you step in and play a tune, Betty?

  2. Your new awning looks good, Joes hair will grow back no problem.
    Looks like there is still room for there next week.

  3. My last haircut was so short I may not have to get another until March!

  4. Like your choice of color for your new awning. Replacements are generally so much better than the cheap stock awnings that come with most RV's. After having ours ripped out by a big Kansas wind years ago we went with the same type of solid color you did. Ours was a dark olive green. A couple guys came out into the desert where we were boondocking south of Quartzsite & installed it for us on a Saturday morning.