Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Help. I know my blogger friends aren't robots

I understand that I have also been attacked by the robot thing.  Help,  Can someone who has figured out how to fix this tell me how they did it?   I'm at a loss as to how to get rid of it maybe Rick if you read this could give us another one of your great lessons on how to get rid of it.....


  1. Just go into your Blogger Dashboard and select Settings:

    In 'Settings', click on the 'Comments' tab
    Scroll down until you see 'Show word verification for comments' and make sure 'No' is checked

  2. If the first solution didn't work then use this:

    Go to Settings:

    Select Comments and Settings

    Scroll Down to Comments and change comment location to Embedded.

  3. Although I had 'No' selected in that box it still kept coming up with the word verification thingy. After a tip from a fellow Blogger I switched my 'Pop-Up format to 'Embedded' & that solved the problem for me......

  4. Looks like Rick has solved your problem. I didn't have to prove anything to comment on your tour with Judy.