Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Storm Arrives Right On Schedule

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, my communication skills are poor to none. I want to make sure my readers know that it is not expected to snow in Desert Hot Springs. It is colder than normal, maybe, might rain tomorrow, and a little breezy. The storm is for the high desert and mountain area.  But the clouds were sure impressive.  And you know........sometimes the weather forecasters aren't always right either are they.
First it was the smog.The wind was blowing it out of LA, over the San Gorgonio Pass also known as Banning Pass.

Then the clouds started rolling in this morning. I'm not fond of driving much any more but I had to get to Walgreen's in Desert Hot Springs, to renew prescriptions so off I went. Besides, it was cold outside and I needed to walk. So I walked up and down the isles at Walgreen's, then I walked across the parking lot to K Mart and walked up and down the isles there. Not one of my favorite stores so I didn't spend much time there. Back in the car I drove up the road to Stater Brothers Grocery Store.  I like Von's better (Safeway) but did find some pretty good deals as Stater Brothers. 

On the way home, I pulled off the side of the road and took some more pictures of the impending storm.  The winds and snow are going to be mainly in the high desert. 

It's the headlines on all the TV stations. A "rare winter storm" for Southern California they are calling it. Weather reports are saying it will be a "quick storm"  by New Years Day it will be "long gone"  Back to the 70's by the time Joe arrives back here on Sunday. 

He's having his own cold weather back home in Oregon.When I talked to him this afternoon, he was at home, warm, relaxing in his chair.
Sun rays desperately trying to break through the clouds

I opened the door this afternoon to bring in some fruit I had in a hanging basket on the back of the rig and look who was just sitting here doing nothing.  

He made no attempt to move. There was a bit of sun there and I guess maybe he was just enjoying the warmth.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold and Windy Here Too

We weren't here at Catalina Spa very long before the strong winds came for a couple of days. Joe and I went for a walk and stopped by  George and Suzie 's rig for a short visit. Suzie mentioned  that this area was expecting strong winds. So after we left there, we came right back to our place, and put the awning away, and covered the car.

Check out the wind blowing  that Palm Tree above our rig.

The wind blew all night and the next morning when I looked out the window, even though we had the straps hooked that came with the cover, the whole back end of the cover was up and flapping in the wind.  Joe wasn't thrilled with the idea he had to get out of a nice warm bed and go out in strong winds and tie down the cover.

It looked like a wrapped Christmas Present but I'm happy to announce that the car stayed wrapped until Joe was ready to take the cover off a couple of days later.

Friday, we made a dry run to the Palm Springs airport because it had been a few years since we had been there. It's a good thing we didn't plan on parking because there was no place to park. In fact cars were parking along the side of the street and walking to the terminals.  We decided to have breakfast before heading back to Desert Hot Springs. 

These beautiful flowers were actually hedges around the restaurant. Can someone tell me what they are?  I've seen them as small plants in a garden but never in large hedges.

I took a walk around the park this evening. It was really cold! I had my winter coat with an attached hood on and was still cold to the bone.  I've seen this sign many times  here, but it makes me smile so thought I'd share it. Another thing that makes me smile is all the wonderful people here.  So friendly. Take George and Suzie for example.  We've been following each other's blog for a while now, but are just getting to know them.  They didn't even hesitate to help us out by driving our car to the airport to send Joe off to Portland and bring me back home.  And if that isn't just so nice, they are going to pick him up when he gets back Sunday.  I did the laundry last night and met a lady in the laundry room. She saw my big laundry bag, and insisted I use her cart with wheels to take the laundry to the rig.  I'm going to get myself one of those handy dandy things.

I walked a little longer than planned and enjoyed another beautiful sunset.

This is a view of the upper Club House

It's also where I went to church this morning. 

Not only did I enjoy the sunset, but many of the RV'ers in the park still have their Christmas lights up. I'm really missing Joe, but I keep busy with my knitting, reading, blogging and before I know it Sunday will be here and we will be on our way to picking him up.
Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye For Awhile

He was Joe's much loved Uncle Wes, and I adopted him when I married Joe. He was an encourager when I was down, gave wise advice when I asked, comforted me when needed, stayed by my side with Viola to the end. Late yesterday afternoon he went to his heavenly home. His brother and two sisters were already there to welcome him home. We  believe "soon and very soon" we will see him again.

Joe will fly to Portland on Saturday and  return here to  Catalina Spa RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs on January 4th.  The staff and friends here  are so kind and have told us if I need anything or help while he is gone all I have to do is ask.

Thank you in advance for your prayers as Joe travels back to Portland and I "hold the fort down here.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Took a Break

Not blogging doesn't mean nothing was going on. On the contrary, I have been walking.This picture is information for just one day. This past week I met my 10,000 step Goal three days, 5-7 thousand steps three days, and Thursday I only did just barely 3 thousand because my body said to rest, so I did.  My new fit has really been a means to get me off my sit down and get moving. So my little bracelet starts vibrating at six thirty in the morning telling me to get up and get to walking.  I get my self ready for the day, eat my breakfast, spend quiet time with the Lord  and then off I go.  My first walking time ends in about an hour. It's about 8 and I get Joe's breakfast, clean the kitchen and by then Joe's ready for either four hours of pickleball or four hours of horse shoe pitching. During that time I do another hour or so of walking around the park.  This little bracelet not only records my total steps, it also tells when I'm walking faster than just "sauntering" which I like to do so I can make new friends, or just stop for a visit along the way. Sometimes I take a break and watch Joe for a few minutes and off I go again.  The best part of all this, is my blood sugars are coming down and staying there and I have more energy than I've had in a very long time.  When the walking is done, then it's time to work on a knitting project I'm doing.  I traded a lady six all white, all cotton dish clothes I knitted  for a pretty pair of pink slippers she crocheted. I didn't expect the slippers until I handed her the dish clothes but guess what. They are on my feet now.  What a very nice lady she is. So I'm knitting as fast as I can. :)
Today was a very big day for my Joe.  He has been practicing for a very long time for this  day.  He played three different songs at the Jam session at Catalina Spa today. Did a great job too. He is not one to stand up in front of a group of people for any reason let alone playing his trombone. He chose two Elvis songs.  "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "Blue Christmas" His last son,g I accompanied him on the piano, was "Away in the Manger" Before he played the last song, he was asked to share the story behind his trombone. Last Christmas his kids presented him with a brand new Bach Trombone. The poor guy was speechless at such a wonderful gift.  It is fun to watch him sitting outside of the motor home, practicing, and not a sound coming out of the horn...... how does that happen you ask?  Well his son loaned him his electronic mute. He puts the mute in the end of the trombone, and the attached earplugs in his ears and it's full sound in his ears and blessed quietness in mine .. Na, I'm just joking. Joe has been playing love songs on his horn to me since I've known him and he also likes to play old hymns of the church, lots of old movies music and of course.......who else  But Elvis.....
I'm probably going to slow down with my blog for a bit til I get this walking/exercise thing down to a routine. I'm adding riding a stationary bike in the fitness room three times a week starting a week from tomorrow.  It seems that when the end of the day rolls around I'm to tired to even think about writing.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Wonderful New Year family and Friends!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

This Made Me Giggle Today

I was walking back to the truck house after watching Joe play pickleball for awhile and there, right in front of me was this very stylish Dog.

His owner said they put the glasses on him when ever he goes out for a walk. Not only protects from the sun but also sand and dirt the wind blows up.
This is the time of year, this picture would go up on our mantle as part of our Christmas Decorations if we were home.  Time has sure changed how Santa looks to day huh.  This picture was taken around 1945-46. I was 3 or 4. My brother has gone to be with the Lord now, and my sister wasn't born yet when this picture was taken.     

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That

On our walk yesterday, we had to wait while this guest finished backing a huge fifth wheel back in between Palm Trees on his chosen site.  He was Awesome!  The couple worked as a team with their walkie talkies and hand signals. At one point the driver asked us to spot him so he wouldn't hit the Miata across the driveway. No problem. I just stood in front of the Miata. Figured he'd have to hit me before he touched their little car. Joe did the communicating with him. In no time at all they were in. I don't know how long they make 5th wheels now, but I was impressed with the length of this one.

Further down on our walk, look was coming at us. He loves riding in his basket, and also loves to kayak. Isn't that just the cutest face.

Joe got some quality time in playing Pickleball on Wednesday, but really paid the price. His feet bothered him all night .

Look who came to visit. He had NO fear. I just sat there in my chair watching him and he came right up to me.  Apparently people feed them here in the park and he was just looking for a handout. No, I didn't feed him.
So Joe thought he'd give his feet a break from playing pickleball on Wednesday and threw some shoes today. Another four hours of exercise.

Here was Mr. Roadrunner again. He wanted to watch the guys pitch I guess 

Click on the picture and see how desperate he was to get a good spot to see.......

Awh, the perfect spot to watch Joe Pitch.

I haven't had much luck with my Poinsetta. I broke off a large stem, and another one got broken in the car..It still looks ok, but not like it did. We were invited over to a dear friends house last night for dinner, and Joe helped her get her Christmas tree down, put together and ready to decorate. She  loaned me this lovely Christmas tree that her momma crocheted many years ago. It fits just perfect on our table. 

This is the same tree. I had an artificial candle with a timer on it. I put the tree over the top of it and Voila.... at 5:30 each evening the tree lights up. Cool huh?
We knew by watching the weather channel last night we were going to get some wind and rain.

So when we got home last night, in the dark, we covered the CRV. Our across the driveway neighbor was nice enough to walk over and help Joe. Fit's like a glove.  There wasn't much wind at all but it did rain. We got the cover mainly to protect the car from blowing sand, which happens quite often around this area.

This little guy loves to eat then perch on top of the feeder holder. He doesn't have much color and is smaller than the other ones. 
I greatly enlarged the picture. That is a palm tree right by our rig.

It rained all day today so took the opportunity to sort out all our playing cards and organize them.  Eight boxes. Then we played Fast Track on our new board. Beautiful sunset after the stormy weather today

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Help. I know my blogger friends aren't robots

I understand that I have also been attacked by the robot thing.  Help,  Can someone who has figured out how to fix this tell me how they did it?   I'm at a loss as to how to get rid of it maybe Rick if you read this could give us another one of your great lessons on how to get rid of it.....

Monday, December 8, 2014

Yesterday The Hat Lady, Today The Bird Lady

This morning we were up at 5:00AM and on the road at 5:30AM headed for the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge Our GPS tried to tell us it was an 80 mile drive when in fact it was more like a 50 mile drive. So we were there way  early for the 8:00 AM Bird tour with none other than.......
someone I have been looking forward to meeting since I started following her blog. None other than "The Bird Lady," Judy Bell. She is so nice and knowledgeable about birds all wrapped up in one package! She is a volunteer at the Wild Life Refuge.
We waited for just a few minutes for two other ladies which gave us time to start getting acquainted.  Then we were invited to climb into a brand new Ford Explorer (I think) the Refuge got the day before. Nice Ride. The tour took us around five ponds that are not accessible to the general public. One of the endangered fish the Refuge is trying to protect is the Puff fish.
Our first stop was at her RV Site where she  has her tripod and telescope set up to watch the birds.  Personally, I think her recent move was a great move!

Now. I have to tell you there wasn't one bird Judy couldn't identify.  She spotted birds I couldn't even see.  She gave each of us a pamphlet of all the birds that have been spotted at this refuge and as we saw them, We could mark them off.  If she gave us a test on the names of all the birds, I would have failed. But I think she would have given me an A for marking each one she and others saw, on the pamphlet. She is also a very patient lady, because more than a few times, I asked her, when she said the name of the bird, what heading it was under on the pamphlet and she always kindly told me where to find it.

Now if I remember right, this is a Great Blue Heron

I don't remember what the little bird on the left is but the one on the right is a Coot.

Judy asked us if we had any idea what these tracks could be. Then she gave us a hint it was a water animal but not a fish. I guessed Beaver and I was right. These tracks are Beaver Slides. Interesting thing though, there are no trees around. They slide across the road from one pond into another.

And how about this. A bobcat paw print

Joe, contemplating the beauty and quietness of it all.

After the tour we went into the visitors center. We watched a very nice video about wildlife. Just outside the Visitor's Center was this Cacti with a beautiful bloom.  What a way to end a nice morning. Thank you Judy! You are the best.