Friday, October 17, 2014

An Afternoon Visit to Sedona, AZ

I want to stay current with my blog so this will be a double post day. I took this picture from a grocery store parking lot in Cottonwood. Love the beautiful Arizona Sunsets.

Yesterday we took an afternoon drive to Sedona. I'm still not feeling well (antibiotics and I don't get along very well :( but it felt good to get out of the "house" and in a warm car)  The scenery was beautiful!

We had lunch in a fun little shopping center in Sedona. This was the view out our table window upstairs at the Oak Creek Brewery and Grill.  Food and service was great, but the portions of food was huge!!

After lunch we walked through this wonderful little shopping area. I couldn't began to say the name.It felt like being in Old Mexico. All types of shops and galleries.

There were lots of bronze statues. This was one of my favorites. I already have my handsome prince, but this little guy was just to cute to resist

Every time you turned a corner another corridor of little shops appeared.

I was getting pretty tired and wanting to head back to the car, but when I saw this shop, I had some renewed energy and had a fun time in this Christmas Shop. We got our 2014 Christmas Ornament here. 

This old guy made us laugh too.

It was time to return to our home on wheels but what a fun afternoon it was.

Something to Ponder.  We've been RVing about 5 years now. Joe turned around to me a few days ago and said "honey, what we do with out our awning hook? Our overhead bead is used for storage. and that hook comes in so handy! I realize the newer motor home awnings are electric and you  don't need to use an awning hook to put it down and up. But are there others beside us that use their awning hooks to retrieve things over head they can't reach? :)


  1. Loved looking at your pictures of Sedona. Brings back happy memories. That's one of my favorite places outside of Oregon. That picture of you and the frog is just priceless. Great Yosemite pictures too. Too bad about all the fires and drought. It's been many years since we have visited Yosemite.

  2. Love the photos. I was just telling my husband on Thursday that I'd like to go there some day. NOW I Can Show HIM THE pics. Thank you and I hope you feel better soon

  3. We love Sedona and have been there a few times. I bought a beautiful necklace from a jewelry store in Tlaquepaque.

    We don't use our awning hook to reach overhead, but it makes a really good stir stick for campfires.

  4. P.S. If you get a chance go to Montezuma Well. Most people go to Montezuma Castle (cliff dwelling) but we actually preferred the Well. You can go down some stairs to the bottom and follow the aqueduct out, making a loop trail back up to the parking lot.