Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dental Appointment.......Good. Uncle Visit...GREAT!!!

Today we completed our last three appointments.  We were at Town and Country Honda at 8:00 AM. with the CRV so they could apply the Liquid Protector. The service man said "now you understand you won't have your car back until tomorrow right?"  WRONG!!! We told him we were told we could pick the car up at the end of their work day. He excused himself for a moment, came back with a smile on his face and told us we would indeed have it back by end of day. Then an employee took us to Enterprise where Honda provided a rental car for us.  Off we went to Joe's 11:00 AM Dental appointment.  Piece of cake,teeth cleaned, no cavities and we were out of there by noon.

Joe is sitting beside his Uncle Wes, an answer to prayer. Uncle will be 91 on his next birthday. He had some health issues and went from hospital to a  rehab facility. When we went to see him last week, He felt very weak and it was difficult for him to get out of bed.  Along with many, many others, we have kept him in our prayers. As soon as we finished with Joe's dentist appointment we went to visit Uncle. Joe went in first, turned around and looked at me with a great big smile. Uncle was sitting up in his chair, having lunch and showing his nurse his new iPad with a BIG smile on his face.  We had a great visit!
Oh, by the way, our phone rang about 2:15 and our car was ready for us to pick up. We dropped the rental off, and they took us back to the Honda Dealer! Customer Service with a smile. Gotta love it.


We've said our seasonal goodbyes,The motor home is packed. House is clean, and we start our first winter journey South in almost 7 years. We are excited knowing we will meet up with some of our blogger friends, RV friends we haven't seen in a long time and for sure we'll make many new friends.
God Is So Good!

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Tow Package...Check, Clear Protection....Tomorrow.

If you click on the picture, you can see the new tow bar


We were at Camping World in Wilsonville at 8:15 this morning. We drove off, towing the CRV at 5:00 this evening. It was a LONG day! But I just have to say, this time, it was a very nice experience.  We've had some bad experiences with Camping World and I wasn't looking forward to today. But as soon as we got there, we were introduced to Eric our service tech for the day. He explained what he would be doing, and at any time we were welcome to go in to a safe area in the shop and see how things were coming along. Most of the hours were spent outfitting the Honda, not as much time getting the tow bar on the RV. We just upgraded from a Falcon to a  Falcon 2 all terrain non binding tow bar When the installation was complete, Eric went through every step of connecting and disconnecting. Joe filled our propane tank before we left and off we went hitting I-5 and I-205 just in the nick of time for rush hour going home traffic, and oh yes rain, rain, rain!!. Joe said it was an easy tow. Yeaaaah!!! Now tomorrow, we have to be at the Honda Dealership to have the Honda Clear Protection applied to the front of the car up to and including our side mirrors. It takes the place of the black covers you see covering the front of the tow car. This is sprayed on and it takes most of the day. We were informed yesterday the dealership is supplying us a rental car for the day. This is good because Joe has a dental appointment tomorrow and that is the last of our appointments before we go.
 Joe's ENT Dr. said his ears are finally looking good. He has been dealing with ear issues for eight months. I also got a great report from my Dr. My A1c was good and my cholesterol was down 50 points. He told me to just keep doing what ever it is I'm doing and he'll see me in the spring. 
So Wednesday Morning we'll be singing "Camp Verde here we come"

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two more Sleeps til we head South

In my last blog I told you I would share the major changes in how we would be traveling this winter. And here it is. A new 2014 Honda CRV! It had 39 miles on it when we took possession.  The Malibu had 108,000 miles on it and two recalls. Wednesday the one recall was taken care of, but the other one they are still trying to make the correction part. It was getting so every time we parked the car, when we'd get ready to go again Joe had to really work to get it back in gear. So later that same day, we stopped in at our local Town and Country Honda Dealer to "just look and ask questions"..... Five hours later our new car.

Tomorrow we spend the day at Camping World (yeah, I know) having a new tow bar put on the RV and brackets, wiring and what ever else is needed put on the  car to tow. Our other one was ten years old and Joe was starting to have trouble with the wiring connections and one of the bars not wanting to come loose sometimes.  We are still "reading the owners  manual" to make sure we have it ready to tow before we actually move.  So if any of you tow a CRV and want to offer us any how to's with the routine of what to do before we get started,  hooking it up is no problem and we think we've got  the gear shift thing down it's just a little unnerving the first time we do it.

We took a quick trip up Washington to say goodbye to my sister and Joe's kids and grand kids and of course show them the car. He asked me not to do my blog until he got to show them first.

We had a nice afternoon with his daughter and son in law and the grand kids, ending with a walk around the Redmond Town Center. It is huge and so beautiful.


We went to church with my sister this morning and after church Rob and Dannette joined us for lunch.My sister is such a good cook. I brought some goulash I had made and froze, and she put together a wonderful salad. But the best part was the tomatoes were out of her garden, she made the applesauce she served us and also the yummy jam. 

On our way back home this afternoon, Mt Rainier gave us a beautiful view.  I've said before, I've lived in Oregon now longer than I lived in Washington as a child and young adult, so Mt. Hood is "my" mountain, but I will always love Mt. Rainer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Enjoying the Oregon International Air Show

Last Saturday, Joe, his son Rob and daughter Chris went to the 2014 Oregon International Air Show in Hillsboro. Why didn't I go?  Well I don't like the noise, the speed of the planes, and I don't do well in the heat, so I enjoyed a day of rest, reading, knitting and watching a couple of movies on the Hallmark Channel. When they got home, we all went to dinner at Ohana's, a Hawaiian Restaurant in Milwaukee.
In order to describe these pictures, not having been there myself, I had to resort to looking on the Internet under 2014 Oregon International Air show for some of the descriptions.
The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team dropped in on yellow parachutes with smoke canisters attached to their ankles.

The Harrier hovered. It is informally referred to as the Jump Jet and is a family of military jet aircraft capable of vertical/short takeoff and landing operations.

The F22 Raptor was Joe's favorite

 The F22 Raptor was also part of a Heritage Flight, as it flew with the Bremont Horsemen Flight Team, comprised of three F-86 Sabre jets from Korean War era.
The nine red and white planes of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds made shapes like fireworks spreading in the air, flying at each other, then swooping up and arcing backwards, descending and flying round in circles parallel to the ground. 

Joe is already planning for the 2015 Oregon International Air Show.  Why? Because the
 The Blue Angels  are going to be there. Now that puts a smile on his face just thinking about it. He says the only thing better than being there would be to be taking a ride in one of their jets! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's getting close to the time to head South. Our calendar has appointments of all sorts penciled in almost every day. The motor home is loaded except for the food, and after this weekend, I'll share with you some major changes we have made in how we will travel. Have a great rest of the week and weekend and I'll talk at you on Monday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Playing "Catch Up"

Horseshoe season is officially over for this year. Joe placed second in his division at the Oregon State Horseshoe Tournament held at Clackamette Park in Oregon City. The weekend before that, he placed first in his division at the Sandbaggers Horseshoe Tournament also held at Clackamette Park in Oregon City.
These are plates he has won since he started pitching in sanctioned tournaments  in 2004.  

When we are living in our RV we use a bed sack instead of blankets. It's much easier to make a corner bed with one of these. The sheet is held to the cover with a Velcro strip making it easy to laundry. On this particular day, the zipper "jumped the track" and wouldn't come together but patient Joe fixed it.

When we were back in North Dakota for the Graffis family reunion, we went to Moorehead, Minnesota to visit his cousin Larry. Larry has a name plate on his vehicle like this one and I noticed Joe really liked it.  So when he wasn't looking I gave Larry the money to order one for Joe.  Just recently a package came in the mail for Joe.  Inside was not one, but THREE plates. The other two are on the Motor home.

Last month we attended the wedding of one of our grandsons.  On September 6th, we attended the wedding of his brother. His best man..... another one of my grandsons.

We just arrived home last night from another FMCA Lewis and Clark Rally. This time at Thousand Trails Whalers Rest RV Resort in Newport, Oregon. On the way there, we stopped at Boiler Bay and did some Whale watching. They were very close to the shore. It was fun watching them "blow" and roll so close to shore.

Loved our camp site. We had a very large area behind the rig too.

We had some free time one day, so we took some time to see the sights around Newport.

These two pictures were taken at the South Jetty. 

And how about this for a spiders web? This was my view when I raised our shade one morning.

These guys enjoyed a good game of horse shoes most mornings during the Rally

How many ringers and who got them.
We also enjoyed Sunday morning church services there

The chapel is downstairs in the North Adult Clubhouse 

I took a walk one morning while Joe was at the horseshoe pits, and took pictures around the park. The next few pictures were some of my favorites.

There is a wild fire very close to Estacada, the town I lived in until I married Joe. It has now consumed 3500 acres. My grand daughter and family live there and and has been put on alert of possible evacuation. This sunset was taken from our house in Oak Grove, 30 miles away from the fire. 36 Pit Fire near Estacada

The reflection of the sunset on our motor home parked behind our house.
Are any of my Full Time RV blogger friends looking for a place to call home? Maybe health issues are keeping you from traveling for now?  We know a gentleman who has a RV pad on his property he wants to rent out long term. with 30/50 amps, includes wi fi, electricity, sewer, water, and the following pictures will show you the view you would have from your home. It is a quiet, peaceful place.I have seen deer, eagles, osprey, Nutria, cranes and fish.  It is 30 minutes from big city shopping. Gresham, Clackamas, Portland. PM me or email for more details.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Water Slides, Little Boys and Young Men

To the Thousand Trails Members who wonder what there is to do with teen grand kids, outside of the RV Resort, check out Birch Bay Waterslides. Can you tell by the smiles on their faces that they had a good time?  The Park is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Grandpa Joe even got in on the action ( but no one could convince him to go down the "Black Tube"....a sixty foot drop.....

I have six grandsons. Two are married now, and a third will be married this Saturday. It made me stop and think I remember the day each one of them were born. Seems like yesterday they were little boys, today, they are young men. I thought it would be fun to show pictures of the little boys and below each one the young man or men, they are today.

This is grandson number one, my daughter's son.

And on his wedding day. He now has a son of his own and an adorable new baby girl. 

These are my oldest son's four boys. Looking Left to right, brother second from the end is getting married Saturday afternoon, and his brother on his right, was married August 8th.

From Karate kids to handsome young men.

And this cute kid is my youngest son's boy.

All grown up into a fine young man.