Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Difference A Few Hours Can Make

We went to the Cove again today about noon and could hardly see past the end of the parking lot.

We got a lot of laughs watching the larger brown dog. It looked like he was digging for clams. He would dig, then run around in a circle then dig again... we watched him do this for a good half hour.

Look closely below the grey and you can see blue. We started seeing this about 2:00PM

By  three, Joe was out of the car and sitting in one of our camp chairs, enjoying the sun with a little breeze.

I wonder if this guy thinks he's the police or one of the other public workers.

I also was wondering if these guys come out here every day to get their supper.........

We didn't stay there for the sunset, but the sun glistening on the water was also beautiful.


  1. It was very foggy here in Ilwaco this morning, but it cleared out around noon and turned into a beautiful day.

  2. Nice that the sun came out for you!

  3. I like the sun pictures better than the fog. Fog is beautiful but boy the sun glistening on that water is gorgeous.

  4. Nice that the sun finally came out for you guys.