Friday, August 15, 2014

Clackamas County Fair Time.

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It's fair time in Canby, Oregon again. THE CLACKAMAS COUNTY FAIR. It isn't a large fair, but it certainly is a fun one. Corn on the cob is a must for Joe. I thought the hamburger booth sponsored by the Canby High School was the best meal for the price. $3.00 for a  hamburger, $3.50 for a cheeseburger.  There were all the fried foods that we stay away from.  I had my usual noodles, but they were so salty this year and the serving was huge. So I only ate not quite half of them.

This miniature donkey was so cute to watch. 

How could you not love this sweet little face with the curls.

This was one sleepy pig.

We enjoyed going through the cattle barns.

As we came out of the cattle barns, there were many llama's and their handlers waiting to go in to the arena to be judged. Look who we "bumped" in to.  Joe's daughter Roni and grandsons Mason and Connor. We had no idea the boys were in 4-H. The group name is the 'Llama Lovers', sponsored by Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch of Estacada.

The lighting isn't great, but this is Connor and his Llama 'Magic'

and Mason with "Little D".  Who has the cutest smile... the kid or the llama

This was the boys first year to  show their Llamas at the fair. Earlier in the day they participated in 'Handling'. Mason received a Blue ribbon and Connor received a red ribbon. Later in the day, during the Obstacle Course' Connor again received a red ribbon and Mason received Grand Champion.

Mason did a great job keeping his Llama in line.

Mason listening to the judge. 

 Later in the evening Joe and I and our friend Ruth went to the Rodeo. What a great time we had there for the great price of $2.00 because it was Senior day and $10 for the reserved seating at the rodeo. Parking fee wasn't bad either $5.00. I'm not a big fan of bucking horses and I  had to cover my eyes when the bull riding started. Seeing someone get hurt or the possibility of someone getting hurt really bothers me.  But I did like the roping, and barrel riding. 


  1. How fun to run into family. Those grandsons look pretty proud of their llamas. And Joe looks like "don't touch my corn." LOL!!

  2. That looks like a fun fair. We've never been to the Clackamas County Fair.