Friday, August 15, 2014

Back at the Beach

We are at Thousand Trails Seaside Resort this weekend. I looked out the window this morning and saw this young man on top of the RV his brother was tossing up the items that needed to go in the carrier and dad was supervising. They were packing up and moving out. The spot was filled less than an hour after they left.
Last night was ooey gooey s'more night around the fire pit.

There are very nice areas here for tent camping.

This is an indoor swimming pool and spa

And this is where Joe plays pickleball every morning at 9:00AM

We knew our friend Carolyn Hopkins was here this weekend and we knew she would be wanting to pitch shoes with Joe. She is the one who got him started pitching horseshoes ten years ago.

 She was also his pool partner. They will be doing that in the morning and at one will pitch shoes with other members who are in the park. So today they went over to the pits for a little practicing. 

And if any of you wonder what I do while Joe is playing pickleball and pitching shoes? Well sometimes I go watch him but he bought me a ukulele for my birthday and I am teaching myself how to play it.
I love the carving on it.  I also am learning to knit, I read, I go for walks around the park  and enjoy working on my laptop. 


  1. Looks like a nice park, but where is the pictures of the beach !

  2. Love the Uke! The carving on it is beautiful. And learning to knit? Now, that is fun! Just be patient with yourself. Looking forward to knitting with you in Q.

  3. We like the TTN park in Seaside. During the summer it is packed but it's still a fun place to be and there are so many places to explore close by.

  4. Betty I LOVE that ukulele!! Russ and I both have ukes but haven't played them much. Carol K also has one. We could form a ukulele band hahahaha!!! Looks like a great park.

  5. What a beautiful ukelele! I need to play mine more. That looks like a great park! We are in Ilwaco for the week to see the kite festival.

  6. Love that you're learning the ukulele. I watched a film about a young uke player from Hawaii and he pronounced it, "OOH-ka-lay lay. You know me, it's all about education.

    C ;-)