Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mountain Passes, Dark Storm Clouds and Beautiful Sunsets

In the last couple of days we have gone over two huge passes. The first was the Wolf Creek Pass from Durango to Gunnison, Colorado, elevation 10,856. 
Then today we had to cross Monarch pass, elevation 11,312
Both were beautiful

Now there is a little story to these very dark storm clouds..... We saw them miles away. We even received a flash flood alert on our weather bug on the iPhone. but Joe kept telling me we would be turning East soon and it would be blue skies. I had been praying to myself Lord, make them go a different direction.

As we got closer to Colorado Springs, it got worse...I kept praying... 
The clouds got darker... I kept praying

Joe kept one eye on the road and one eye on those clouds...and I kept praying.  We still had 147 miles to North Platte, Nebraska, our intended destination for the night. But in Sterling, he stopped for gas and said he thought we should call it a day and look for a RV Park.We didn't have to look. There was an RV Park right next To the gas station. WHAT???? I wanted to out run that storm. I really, really, don't like thunder and lightning.  I didn't pitch a fit, but I sure didn't want to stop. I said fine. While you're getting things hooked up, I'm going to close all the shades, turn on the A/C ( it was 96) and put  my ear plugs in so I don't have to see or hear what was going to happen outside... I showered, got supper, got things ready for an early start in the morning. I went outside to  hang up a wet towel on our back ladder, and came running back inside. (Joe had already come in) I told him to grab the camera and come outside.  
All the storm clouds had gone away, and this most incredible sunset had taken their place.

It was so bright it reflected on the window of our rig.

And here, I thought the Lord was ignoring my prayers, Not.....He just did it HIS way.


  1. I'v been following your blog, great pictures, we hope to get to Zion next fall but then head to Albuquerque

  2. Some excellent pictures today.
    We usually prefer to park and wait for a storm to pass rather than try to outrun it.
    Feel much safer in a secure campground.

  3. You hate thunder and lightening - I hate mountain passes. Unfortunately, I can't outrun mountain passes, but l do look for ways around them. However, when you want to visit places in mountainous states, it is a challenge, well impossibility. Are those passes steep, or are the climbs gradual? I enjoy reading about your adventures. We are headed to Utah in October.

  4. See Betty, your praying DID help. And great pictures you got off the storm and then the sunset.

  5. Mountain Passes, Dark Storm Clouds and Beautiful Sunsets. I like them all. Mountain passes get the adrenalin going, dark storm clouds are harbingers of the excitement to come & a beautiful sunset just nicely settles down that exciting adrenalin rush & makes one thankful they are still in one piece to enjoy the sunset:))

  6. Prayers always get answered and sometimes we even get a yes. But I'm with George. I really prefer to sit out the storm in a campground then to be on the road.

  7. Al put it perfectly. Although I'd have to put Dark Storm Clouds last on my list. I love the way they look and I love storms and lighting. Love to watch them but RVing has made me a bit less enthusiastic if wind is associated. You got great sunsets and you deserved them for all your worrying.

  8. Great post Betty and some wonderful pictures to go with it. Sometimes you face the storm and sometimes there is a Shelter in the Time of Storm!!