Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Walk around Lindenwood Park

We arrived in Fargo, North Dakota yesterday about 2:30. 

 Thank you Gordon for telling us about this RV Park and encouraging us to park on the upper level.  We got the last spot available in the upper level. The lower level was flooded three times this past winter by the Red River and opened to campers only the first of July.

This is Joe's cousin Larry. He met us on the freeway exit ramp and led us right in to the park! They have had a great time getting caught up on all the years they haven't seen each other.

This evening Larry and his wife Donna took us to the  TNT Diner in West Fargo. Their daughter Pam,  and their nephew James, Jr. from Hawaii, joined us also. Good old fashion home cooked food with a 50's decor.  So good in fact, Tom Hanks and family flew in to West Fargo and had breakfast there back in 2012.  

After we got back to the campgrounds we went for a walk. A really long walk to the walking bridge. We walked from North Dakota across the bridge to Moorehead, Minnesota. :)

The Red River. It looks calm enough, but we were warned it has a very strong under tow, and just a few weeks ago someone drowned here at the campgrounds. It really bothered us on our walk that two kiddos, under ten years of age were playing right on the edge of the bank trying to catch a frog. The boy slipped in the mud but didn't fall in and ran back up the hill to clean the mud off, leaving his sister at the river's edge alone. Not a parent or an adult in sight.

We are really enjoying all the beautiful flowers in this park, cared for by just one woman.

Taking a rest after such a long walk

There are a couple of these large play areas in this park


  1. Hi Betty and Joe - Oh, I'm so far behind on reading and posting. I just checked into today's post and see you two are having a great continuation of the summer. When I get a moment I'll check on your previous posts too. Have fun and I think of you both often.
    I'm house-sitting in Redding at my sister-in-law's house while they're out on the California coast for two months. Lots happening with my family and friends - I'll have to catch you up on me too!

  2. That looks like a great park - love the flowers. Cute picture of Joe taking a rest!

    It is scary to see children in potential danger. Let's hope the parents paid closer attention after one fell in the mud.

  3. Looks like a pretty nice spot, nice to visit with family too.

  4. The flowers are very pretty. Rich and I were at a campground when a little 7 year old boy drowned in a lake. Just a terrible, terrible thing. Like you, I wonder how parents don't have their eyes glued to children when there is water nearby. Like the river, the lake "seemed calm". I felt so sorry for the Mom and Dad.

    I don't know why I am surprised to hear that the Red River is in North Dakota--don't know where I thought it was--or even why I was surprised. As soon as I read it, it started an "ear worm"--words and al!! Red River Valley. I don't ever remember hearing it...just looked it up and sure enough it really is a song and I even had the tune and the words right. I have a feeling it may have been in a cowboy movie that I saw when I was a kid.

    Glad you're having such a great time.

  5. I had to come back! Now I know why I knew the song--it was in a movie my childhood "sweetheart" made! Roy Rogers and trigger saved me from bandits many times as he swooped me up onto his saddle just as I was drifting off to sleep. LOL

  6. It seems that wherever you go, you find the most beautiful flowers. So good that you are able to reconnect with family.

  7. It seems that wherever you go, you find the most beautiful flowers. So good that you are able to reconnect with family.

  8. beautiful place to be in summer. Winter, not so much!

  9. Now you're getting close to my neck of the woods. :)

  10. Really nice play areas and lovely flowers!!!!