Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Sunday Drive on Thursday

Today we took a Sunday drive up the Columbia Gorge to Hood River.Please remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them. I might add that it rained off and on the the whole time we were on this little trip.  

This is Crown Point  The views from here are incredible.

The restrooms at Crown Point and the interior of the building has a lot of Marble.

A group of ladies who volunteer at Crown Point, brings fresh flowers from their gardens each day.

I asked  Joe to stop on the stairs  so I could show the marble stair case.

This is on the main floor of the building

The stained glass windows are beautiful

This is the dome from the inside.

Now we were off to Multnomah Falls

There are many falls between Crown Point and Multnomah Falls all beautiful

And this is Oregon's beautiful Multnomah Falls. The bridge that crosses over the bottom falls is 100 years old this year.
Before we headed home we stopped for awhile in Hood River to watch the Wind Surfers. 

The Columbia was much calmer today than when we were through here last week.


  1. That is one of my favorite Sunday drives!

  2. A nice adventure for you Sunday drive.

  3. Oh how we loved that area. Thanks for bringing back so many awesome memories.

  4. LOVE that drive. The old highway is so scenic. Thanks for sharing your great pictures. John rode his motorcycle up there last week and posted a picture of it at Crown Point. We need to get up there.

  5. No white caps this trip. What a neat drive. Hope we can do the same route.

  6. We were up there two years ago to the day. Beautiful place. Enjoy.

  7. Did you take this drive just to show me those beautiful falls and then add in the elegant building and your really great pictures of the foggy gorge?

    What a nice day you two had. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.