Sunday, June 29, 2014


Welcome to our world
Arizona Aspen

9lbs 1oz - 22 inches long

GG and Grandpa Joe - Our 7th great grand child

Grandpa Joe with the proud Daddy Jesse

I love new born toes.  She just had her foot prints made that is the ink on her little feet.

I forgot to edit these two photos before taking them off my cell phone.
Big brother meets little sister

Her first car ride. Headed Home

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Sunday Drive on Thursday

Today we took a Sunday drive up the Columbia Gorge to Hood River.Please remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them. I might add that it rained off and on the the whole time we were on this little trip.  

This is Crown Point  The views from here are incredible.

The restrooms at Crown Point and the interior of the building has a lot of Marble.

A group of ladies who volunteer at Crown Point, brings fresh flowers from their gardens each day.

I asked  Joe to stop on the stairs  so I could show the marble stair case.

This is on the main floor of the building

The stained glass windows are beautiful

This is the dome from the inside.

Now we were off to Multnomah Falls

There are many falls between Crown Point and Multnomah Falls all beautiful

And this is Oregon's beautiful Multnomah Falls. The bridge that crosses over the bottom falls is 100 years old this year.
Before we headed home we stopped for awhile in Hood River to watch the Wind Surfers. 

The Columbia was much calmer today than when we were through here last week.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Windy Trip Home & A Retired Greyhound Employee's Picnic

Please remember to click on picture to enlarge.
On our way home from Crescent Bar we stopped for
Breakfast at a View Point South of Yakima, Washington

I wasn't feeling well yesterday morning so I prepared most of the breakfast before we left Crescent Bar

So it was pretty simple to just turn on the generator, heat up the potatoes, onions and chopped up rib meat in the fry pan and fix some scrambled eggs. Served with toast and blackberry jam, and enough OJ to take our morning pills. Makes my heart happy to hear my Joe say "aah, this is the life".

He did his walk around check of the rig and helped me clean up then we headed for Biggs Junction in Oregon. It was very windy until almost The Dalles. Glad I slept on and off most of the way.  

Check out the white caps on the Columbia

This tug going under the bridge, took my mind off the wind for a few minutes as we crossed the river over to Biggs Junction.

I always love the first sighting of Mt. Hood when we are coming home.

What normally takes us less than a half hour to get home from here, took us an hour and a half. We figured we would be home about 3:30 and it was 5:15 before we pulled in our driveway.  At times, traffic was at a stand still going both directions.

Yesterday we received a phone call asking if we were going to be able to make it to the Retired Greyhound Employee's Picnic.... We asked when it was. The answer..."tomorrow"  So when we got home we unloaded, I started the laundry, and headed for bed about 7:30. Still wasn't feeling well. Better than that morning but pretty weak in the knees.

This morning I was up at 6:00AM, cleaned the kitchen, did a couple more loads of laundry, and at 10:00AM we headed for Red Sunset Park in Gresham, OR for the picnic.  Above is the President of the Club and Joe trying to figure out why we didn't get this months newsletter giving picnic details

Time to eat!

I was busy taking pictures, so one of the members used our camera to take a couple of us.

While Joe was busy visiting with friends, I went for a walk`in the park.  

There are three fountains in this beautiful pond along with two large lily pad gardens.

The wild life here are not afraid of anyone........but I'll bet they would go after you if you tried to steal that piece of bread from them.

I had fun with this little squirrel. He/She gave me about four different poses. I liked this one best.

He/She? quickly climbed this tree, turned around and looked at me as if to say "want one more?"

I  guess this one's comment would be "Look but don't touch"

I had my zoom out as far as I could go to get this shot clear across the pond.

We're home for a few days now, waiting for a new great grand baby to arrive. Then it is off to Bend for a week of Horseshoe Pitching with our Thousand Trails friends.