Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day and a Sunday Drive

Sunday being Mothers Day made for low attendance at the tournament. But it was a beautiful, sunny day.

This young man made it a very interesting day for Joe. He is 10 years old, in the Cadet division, and this was his first tournament. Joe won his first two games and it was all down hill after that....... including loosing to Gus. I kid you not.

I had the opportunity to speak with his dad. They just recently put a horseshoe pit in their yard. After school, after the homework is done and on weekends, Gus likes to pitch shoes. He is learning it's not all about the shoes. He is learning sportsmanship, (how to be a good looser) how to keep score, and how to take care of the pits after each game.

Alan, the Oregon State Horseshoe Association Sec/Treasurer took care of the scoring today in honor of the mom's who usually do that job.

One of the pitchers made sure all the mom's who were there today were honored. He gave us red roses. I kept mine beautiful in my water bottle for the day.

Joe took me to  The Sizzler for one of my favorite meals. Salad Bar and chicken wings.  I love the chicken wings there and it's part of the salad bar

After lunch we went for a Sunday Drive, along the Applegate Trail (Highway 238) to Jacksonville, Oregon then the Old Stagecoach Rd to Gold Hill.  He came into Rogue River on a back road he had always wanted to take but never had.  It was a wonderful drive and I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.  

Can you tell I like old barns and old houses.  I loved that someone built a ladder up in this tree.

Historical Jacksonville, Oregon

Along the way we counted five Wineries and vineyards. We head home in the morning, for a few days anyway, before going to Washington State  to do some camping near Chehalis with the Lewis and Clark Chapter of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association). Then it's on to Blaine, Washington to spend time with my sister and sister in law.


  1. Love chicken wings too.
    Sure some beautiful countryside there to explore.

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  3. Looks like you had a lovely mother's day. Condolences to Joe but I'll bet Gus is mighty proud. Lovely pictures Betty.

  4. Nice to see that youngster out pitching shoes.

  5. What fun. My step dad installed a pit at our house and we had many a fun parties playing horse shoes. Love the pics. My son will be attending southern oregon university in ashland and I look forward to exploring that area. I too love old houses and barns. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Nice pics of the countryside barns and houses.

    Note: If you make out to central Oregon near Madras let us know. (we are off Wed & Thurs)

  7. I love that area and you certainly captured it with your beautiful pictures. Old barns and such always make great photo ops.

    Sizzler wings - oh YUM!!

  8. Lots of history in that place!!! Applegate Valley & Jacksonville. Love the pictures...and old barns and house too!!! What stories they could tell!