Saturday, May 3, 2014

Look Who Placed First In C Class

The Bend Horseshoe  Club is hosting a tournament this weekend. It was so cold this morning that I had layers of clothes on including a sweater and coat with a hood and my gloves.  I thought I would never get warm.

They came from all over Oregon, some from Washington and even from Idaho.

For those who were sending good wishes to Mr. G, it worked! He placed first in his class and he thanks you.

Even the pups were cold. I loved this Harley sweater this one had on.

This one wasn't interested in the least with horseshoes.... he was watching the action in the other direction. The action being squirrels and birds. Notice closely, that she's on a tight blue leash.

This isn't the first time I've been to this Park and I never tire of looking at the trunk of this beautiful old tree.

What's wrong with this picture????

 Well, there was a regional high school tennis match going on all day too. While I was taking pictures I noticed these three people just sitting there. No one else around... an empty tennis court.  What was happening was the games were over and the officials were getting ready to give out the awards. Right after I took it all the tennis players marched back on to the courts and were given their awards. These were parents, patiently waiting.

After  the tournament we had a couple of hours to waste before we met three other couples, all with the horseshoe tournament , for dinner at the Black Bear Diner. So we went to Starbucks where Joe's 2nd cousin works, and had a chance to have a frappachino and have a quick visit with Simeon. (Joe doesn't drink coffee but he likes the Vanilla Bean Frappachino)
Then we headed up to Pilot Butte. Joe had never been there before.  You can see a long ways from up there.  I didn't care to stay to long because number one it was cold and I had left my coat in the car, and also the height reminded to much of being in a plane.
Joe will be pitching again tomorrow. There is a chance it will rain, so I may just stay here in my warm little truck house and be his cheerleader from here........


  1. Way to go, Joe! Stay warm, Betty!

  2. Congratulations to Joe for doing so well.
    And he will do well again today, hope it warms up for you.

  3. Congrats and good luck with your horseshoe pitching Joe!

    Hope it warms up some and doesn't rain!

  4. Congrats to Joe! Hope it isn't a big trophy :-).

  5. Congrats Mr. Joe!! Hope you had a lot of fun most of all. Betty some of your pictures didn't show up - don't know if it's my laptop or??? You are sure in a beautiful place - I love it around Bend.