Friday, May 2, 2014

Driving a portion of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway

Driving a portion of the  Cascade Lakes Highway

This little guy only stopped long enough for me to snap one picture.

We drove to Wikiup Reservoir  The parking lot was full of trucks and empty boat trailers. They were all out fishing and from some of the people we talked to the were coming back with their limits. 
They catch Browns, Kokanee, Rainbow trout and large mouth bass.

The Game Warden was out in his boat, I suppose checking licenses and limits (or over limits)?
For reasons I don't know I have always loved pine cones. Doesn't matter big or small.  This branch was just laying on the ground. I had Joe take a picture.......better than keeping it. ( you know the movie "The Long, Long Trailer"?)  With only 23' of living space, pictures on my computer work great.

After visiting the Reservoir we stopped at Twin Lake Resort .  We had been told the little cafe there had great food and recommended the fish and chips. We weren't really hungry, so we got one order and split it. We could have eaten out on the deck but we wanted to be closer to the water so we hauled out our camp chairs and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

It's not a big lake, but it is stocked with rainbow trout.

These two couples area avid fishermen. It seemed to me that was about two people too many for that boat, but they didn't seemed too concerned. They didn't even have life jackets in the boat.

I walked over to the nearest garbage can to put the trash in there and asked Joe if he would take a picture of the path with all the pine cones laying around...... tomorrow is Tournament day. we will be up early and be at the horseshoe pits by 8:30.  It's been in the high 30's at night so I'm taking a blanket and my warm coat to keep warm. I'm taking my knitting, my Nook, and a book. When it warms up, I'll take my chair and sit and watch. Last weekend he came in 2nd in his division and he's pretty confident he will place again this time.  We are a bit discouraged as a cold front is coming in and it is forcasted to rain Sunday through Thursday or Friday.  But it is toasty warm in our little  truck house and we have lots of movies and games and we plan on doing some more of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway.


  1. Very nice. Good luck, Joe! Hope the bad weather holds off.

  2. Pictures on the computer work great and don't take up valuable storage space.

  3. It's a good thing you didn't collect all those pine cones. There wouldn't have been any room for the two of you!

  4. Kind of amazing that there is so little snow this year in the Cascades. We will be off to Lapine next week. Good times on Wickiup in our past.

  5. What a beautiful spot! I love pines cones, especially those Ponderosas!

  6. Jim enjoys fishing here in AZ but he is so chomping at the bit to get to MT and do walleye fishing. I can't believe you got the chipmunk(?) to sit still long enough for even one picture. We're going to hit 100 here today - wish I could send a little of it up to you. Good luck at the tournament.

  7. You look so happy and relaxed among the pinecones - Joe really captured it well. We were just talking yesterday about taking photos with us rather than the "keepsakes" and "heirlooms" themselves - love the pine branch that you'll now have with you forever :-). Good luck in the tournament.

  8. I love that highway and those lakes. You are right about taking pictures of the pine comes. I think I still have a bag of them in the attic! Why, I don't know but it seemed like a good idea at the time haha. Tell Joe good luck with the tournament.

  9. Great looking spot. I'm sure glad we never stopped there though as Paulette would have filled up our truck with all those pine cones.

  10. Stay dry and warm. We have made it almost to St. Louis. Will reach Indy tomorrow.

    Tell Joe, he's the best! We are cheering him from "out east"