Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Visit With Family

Joe has a horse shoe tournament in Bend Saturday so we took advantage of that and are spending time at the TT/Bend Sunriver RV Resort. 

We took a drive to his cousin's little farm (3 acres) between Bend and Redmond. Love those mountains.

On this beautiful property they call home, are flower gardens, fruit and vegtables gardens, apple and cherry trees, honey bees, and sheep. Lots of sheep.
This is just one of many lambs. Lambing season just finished for them.

They hosted us for lunch at  At the Silverleaf Cafe at Eagle Crest Resort  The sandwiches and salads were just wonderful.

While I was waiting for lunch to arrive at our table I stepped outside and took a few pictures. There were so many fun little statues.

This flowering tree just shouted "Spring is here"

While Joe was at the Horse shoe pits back at the Thousand Trails Park, I took my camera and did a walk around.

I was hoping I would finally get to do the kayak thing. But it was not to be this time.  They are working hard to get every thing ready for the summer season which begins Memorial Day weekend 
For now the kayaks and canoes are still on racks in storage.


  1. Beautiful Springtime in Oregon. Looks like a great weekend is in store for you and Joe. Hope he does well in his tournament and you get lots of photo ops. I'm on Day 11 of recovery and my physical therapist says I'm doing really well. Today is a little of a down day, probably due to overdoing y exercises this morning. Tomorrow will be another day.

  2. Darn to no kayaking!!! Looks like you are getting some great weather while here!!! Enjoy!

  3. Looks like you are having a fine time over there in the high desert area!

  4. It really is pretty and green. Too bad about the kayaking though. How did Joe do in the tournament?

  5. The weather is looking pretty good there. Enjoy it, nice to visit with family too.

  6. What a lovely Spring day. Love the statues - so joyful!

  7. Bend and Redmond are so great! Tell Joe good luck!

  8. Bend and Redmond are so great! Tell Joe good luck!