Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Feeling Better! Hawaii Here We Come

I have been pretty much house bound for eleven days fighting this "bug".  My Dr. prescribed a non narcotic medicine to help with the cough called Tessalon Pearls and boy do they work!  I slept  good last night and felt pretty good today so today Joe took me for a "Sunday Drive" even though  it was only Tuesday. We love to take country roads. 

This is the little town of Monitor, Oregon

This is the Canby Ferry. It crosses the Willamette River from Canby to the Wilsonville/West Linn side of the river. We were delighted to see it was still in service because we had heard last year it was no longer in service...for a few months because it was undergoing a complete renovation. 

Canby Ferry History

You only have abut 5 minutes to get out of your car and take your pictures before you are ready to drive off the ferry on the other side.

Perfect day to cross the Willamette River by ferry

After we leave the ferry it's more beautiful country side.

Most of the day was spent just riding and looking at the scenery which was a good thing because my legs still feel like "rubber"  So this was our final destination of the day.  

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon

There were Tulips in Pots

Tulips in little gardens

Do you think this little kid was enjoying the tulips or the mud?  I asked his grandma if he was getting back in HER car. Her answer was his momma had a change of clothes and a gallon jug of water.....

There were fields and fields of tulips of every color and variety

These steam engines parade on the grounds during festival weekends and are on display the rest of the time.

We paid $3.00 each to ride this tram through the tulip fields and what a beautiful ride. That John Deere 4X4 pulled us through some pretty muddy areas too with no problem at all.
I thought this was a pretty garden/waterfall arrangement by the patio. Check out the frog. There are plenty of vendors, and eating areas on the grounds and a lovely gift shop also.

Of course no visit to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is complete until you step into the Wooden Shoes

My next blog will be posted from Hawaii. There were a few days when I felt so bad I was glad we bought the insurance because I was thinking we might have to cancel our trip. I'm so thankful that didn't happen. We will be a week on Oahu followed by a week in Kauai. 


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Those tulip gardens are amazing. Like your big shoes, a bit heavier than your Dawgs.

  2. Sooo glad to hear you are feeling good enough to make the trip to Hawaii. The frog is really cute but wow those flowers are just gorgeous. We love Kauai. Have so much fun.

  3. Some of my favorite Sundays have been Tuesdays :-). What a lovely day in the country - the islands will seem a world away!

  4. Joe is so sweet and kind. Now that you are on the road to total health, go enjoy your trip!

  5. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Love those tulips! Aloha!

  6. Those fields of tulips are beautiful - nice pics!


  7. Hope u are having a GOOD time!!! What fun! those tulips are beautiful, have to go there at some point, looks like a fun place to visit and see!!!

  8. Oh the tulips are gorgeous! I miss those fields of tulips and pretty much everything on the west coast!