Monday, April 28, 2014

From Lush Tropical to Snow and More

This was our last Hawaii sunrise before we left for home. It just poured while we were waiting at the airport for our flight home. But oh, what wonderful memories we  have.


We arrived home late Thursday eve. We had Friday,Saturday and Sunday to unpack, do laundry, repack, (this time the motor home) do a horseshoe tournament in Gresham, take care of some commitments, and be ready to leave early Monday morning for Bend, Oregon

and reorganizing

Sunday, Joe started feeling like "half his head was in a tunnel." Thinking his hearing aids needing some adjusting, after church we headed over to Costco to have them checked. The technician said there was no adjustment needed, but when she looked in his ear she suggested he see a Dr. as soon as possible. She felt what she saw indicated an ear infection. We were to leave at 8:00AM this morning. So we headed for Urgent Care  in Oregon City where indeed, he needed antibiotics for that ear. We made it out of town by 9:00 which really was still OK with us.

In a 23' Motor home, everything has to be in it's place

So when we got to Bend, we headed to Fred Meyers Pharmacy to get the prescription filled.

My dry goods are in these plastic boxes

We grabbed a bite to eat while we were waiting and what a shock when we returned and were told AFTER the insurance paid, we still owed $95.00....

Most of my meals are cooked in my crock pot, electric fry pan or rice steamer.
So the pharmacist is calling our Dr. in the morning to see if he can prescribe something that will work that is less expensive. 

In four days, we have gone from Lush Tropical in Kauai (as our friend Yuki said) to this! But this was only going over the pass by Mt. Hood on our way to Bend

The scenery as we neared Bend was beautiful

This is our home for the next two weeks. Thousand Trails Bend/Sunriver RV Resort. Joe has a Horse Shoe tournament in Bend on the 3rd and 4th. He placed 2nd in his division in Gresham last Saturday.

And this is the beautiful sunset we saw on our way back from Fred Meyers this evening.


  1. Keep warm and dry, hope Joe gets his ear problem resolved soon.

  2. Welcome back to the 'mainland'!! Have a fun couple of weeks touring around!!!

  3. Wow! No moss growing on you two. Snow is especially beautiful when you get to drive past it :-). Hope they find a cheaper option for the prescription although we'd spend it on our vehicles, grandkids and pets with less hesitation :-). Good luck in the tournament!

  4. You two have experienced the beautiful, the cold, and the lovely in such a short period of time. Enjoy your new temporary home.

  5. $95!! After insurance?? There has got to be something cheaper than that. It's been years since I had an ear infection but they aren't fun. Always throw my balance off so bad. Sure hope Joe feels great for his tournament.

  6. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Just a little shock greeted you back in Oregon. Sounds like you have lots of things lined up that will include motorhome living. Have fun, dear friends.
    I'm beginning my second week of recovery - and it's a lot more difficult, pain-wise, than last week. The reason is not necessarily more activity, but the fact that the endorphins the body produces in response to the assault of surgery are produced for a time; then they fade away - and boy, the pain can be oppressive. but, I'm definitely going to follow instructions to get the best possible outcome. Hugs to you both . . mp

  7. Your cupboards look very organized. I love those plastic tubs - we use a lot of them. Sure hope you found medicine for Joe's ear and that he is feeling better soon. Take care.

  8. I love Bend. A good friend lives there. Tell Joe good luck!

  9. I hope that the antibiotics are helping Joe's ear infection and that he is starting to feel better. Can he still throw horseshoes while he's recuperating?