Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Look Who Came For Supper

We really enjoyed the spot we were in here at the park, but our neighbors really enjoy a camp fire.....from 7:00 AM until who knows when.  And it wasn't a fire. It was just smoke. All day. Smoke found it's way inside our rig even with the doors and windows closed, our clothes smelled like a campfire... Finally about 4:00 this aft we asked the ranger if we could move to a different spot and he said no problem.  While we were setting up, I saw two deer. 

By the time I got my camera and got outside, the "family" was now nine! They all looked like they were molting. Sort of shaggy deer.

They were in no hurry and didn't seem to be afraid of anyone. There is a small meadow just a few yards from us. That is where they chose to have their supper and rest. We were told by one of the other long term campers here this is a daily ritual. 

So now we are settled in to our new spot. No camp fire smoke. I don't mind a little smoke around the campfire but all day is just too much. And oh, a lot of the time the couple were inside their rig.

Another pretty Sunriver Sunset. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

From Lush Tropical to Snow and More

This was our last Hawaii sunrise before we left for home. It just poured while we were waiting at the airport for our flight home. But oh, what wonderful memories we  have.


We arrived home late Thursday eve. We had Friday,Saturday and Sunday to unpack, do laundry, repack, (this time the motor home) do a horseshoe tournament in Gresham, take care of some commitments, and be ready to leave early Monday morning for Bend, Oregon

and reorganizing

Sunday, Joe started feeling like "half his head was in a tunnel." Thinking his hearing aids needing some adjusting, after church we headed over to Costco to have them checked. The technician said there was no adjustment needed, but when she looked in his ear she suggested he see a Dr. as soon as possible. She felt what she saw indicated an ear infection. We were to leave at 8:00AM this morning. So we headed for Urgent Care  in Oregon City where indeed, he needed antibiotics for that ear. We made it out of town by 9:00 which really was still OK with us.

In a 23' Motor home, everything has to be in it's place

So when we got to Bend, we headed to Fred Meyers Pharmacy to get the prescription filled.

My dry goods are in these plastic boxes

We grabbed a bite to eat while we were waiting and what a shock when we returned and were told AFTER the insurance paid, we still owed $95.00....

Most of my meals are cooked in my crock pot, electric fry pan or rice steamer.
So the pharmacist is calling our Dr. in the morning to see if he can prescribe something that will work that is less expensive. 

In four days, we have gone from Lush Tropical in Kauai (as our friend Yuki said) to this! But this was only going over the pass by Mt. Hood on our way to Bend

The scenery as we neared Bend was beautiful

This is our home for the next two weeks. Thousand Trails Bend/Sunriver RV Resort. Joe has a Horse Shoe tournament in Bend on the 3rd and 4th. He placed 2nd in his division in Gresham last Saturday.

And this is the beautiful sunset we saw on our way back from Fred Meyers this evening.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almost Time To Head Home

This week has gone by so fast and we covered a lot of territory. We went as far as we could go one way on the Island and then as far as we could go on the North side.  

This is the spouting horn. We also visited the Kauai Coffee Company but somehow, I lost close to 200 pictures I took that day including the ones from the Coffee company.

We loved the beautiful country side

Saturday evening we took a sunset dinner cruise to the far north end of the island.  NaPali You can only see it by air or sea.

It was pretty choppy. Six of the 24 people on board got sick, but not us and we did  have a beautiful sunset.

Easter Sunday we attended church with a new friend.
Yuki is the concierge at the hotel we are staying at and when I was asking about Easter Sunday services, she told us where she attended and that was just perfect for us. Such a sweet lady she is.  She also sat up the two tours we took while here.  

After church Sunday we went for a Sunday drive up to Waimea Canyon. It has been called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Just beautiful

This was our Monday Morning Sunrise

This morning we took a nice drive as far as you can go North by car to Ke'e Beach. On the way, I noticed this sign and it gave me a chuckle.  For those of you who have never been to Kauai, There are chickens every where you look, no matter where you are.

Christ Memorial Episcopal Church

Along the way we saw people paddling surf boards both in the ocean 

and on the river

We had to cross 8 single lane bridges. Local custom is 5-7 cars then 5-7 cars the other direction.

This is as far as one can by car North Ke'e Beach

On the way back we stopped at Hanalei Beach and Pier. It rained a lot today but it was still almost 80 degrees. Another day full of beautiful sights.

I learned yesterday, this beautiful little bird is a Brazilian Cardinal 
This was today's sunrise........

And Sunset.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Time in Waikiki, First Time in Kapaa, Kauai, HI

Our last Waikiki Sunrise for now

One last look at Waikiki Beach....for now

One last time to sit and watch people enjoying Waikiki Beach.... for now

Off to the Airport for a new first. I don't think I will ever get use to flying. Even though we were only in the air for 15 minutes before we started the decent. Those take off and landings get me every time. I didn't look, but it wouldn't surprise me if Joe's arm was black and blue where I was hanging on to him :)

Our first time on the Island of Kauai. We are staying in Kapaa. We are on the lower floor, third door over from the left.

The Hotel Lobby

Facing the pool, barbecue area, outdoor bar and big screen TV

This is a very beautiful, peaceful place. Much slower pace than where we were.

I'm loving the way Joe is experimenting with the camera and the shots he's taking. We have rented a car for the week and plan on exploring on our own. Joe has been studying the maps, and it sounds like a week of fun. So glad I'm feeling really good now.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our week in Waikiki

We arrived in Oahu after a six hour flight. It was Monday before I really felt like my old self again, but that didn't stop us.  When we got to our hotel, we took off right away, walking all over Waikiki 
This is our hotel and our room is on the 27th floor. It isn't fancy, but very clean, has a kitchen with cupboards full of dishes, utensils, pots and pans, a rice cooker, microwave, full size stove, refrigerator and garbage disposal. 

One of the things I noticed, was weddings are not just held on weekends, but every day of the week. This bride and groom are being married in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

There are lots of farmers markets here. On one of our tours, we learned they are so popular because most of the food has to be shipped to the islands and so being able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the locals is great. 

The night view from our room is as beautiful as it is during the day. We don't mind not having an ocean view because we are only two blocks from the beach. We see Diamond Head to the right , and the mountains right in front of us. Speaking of Diamond Head, I was disappointed I didn't get to climb it this time, but the virus I had, settled in my chest and it really hindered me. I saved my energy for the tours Joe planned. A couple of nights, I was so tired we would get home from a tour and I would go straight to bed to be rested for the tour the next morning.  

We took 1124 pictures this week so I tried very hard to just pick one or two from each day. This was a sunset dinner cruise on a huge catamaran. The meal was wonderful, the service was great and the Polynesian entertainment was wonderful. But I don't think I would do it again.  We aren't party people and after the entertainment it got pretty loud in there with the music and dancing. Oh, the end to the evening was a beautiful fireworks display.

Saturday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The tour bus picked us up at 9:00AM and we didn't get back to the hotel until 10:30 PM. It was beautiful, informative and fun.

I learned that the center is owned by the Mormons, there is no liquor on the premises, it is closed on Sundays and a large portion of the employees are students at BYU. The campus is right there on the grounds.

We chose the Ambassador package so we had a guide for the day. There were 16 in our group.

That evening we enjoyed the Luau followed by an evening of Polynesian entertainment.

This was Joe's 3rd trip to Hawaii, my first.  He mentioned he would like to do the double decker shopping tour.  You don't have to shop but it is a wonderful way to see Honolulu and Waikiki. Unfortunately, Sunday it was a very windy, rainy day and we rode in the lower part of the bus. The fun part was, there was NO ONE else on the whole trip. We asked them to drop us off at the Big City Diner in Honolulu and then they picked us up at an appointed time and asked us if we needed to get anything at Walmart! Talk about service. They waited while we picked up a few things and took us back to our hotel.  

The yellow hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower and there are plenty of them here. But there are many other beautiful colors also

There are many statues here. I thought this one was really sweet.

We walked on this cement pier. We watched these kids for almost an hour. It was almost like a right of passage.  They would wait until a wave came and then jump!

This little gal was as good as the best of them! oops, I see Joe got his finger in the picture.  I really have appreciated him taking the pictures. I've taken a few but he did the majority of them.

So we had to laugh because these signs are posted all over..... no matter.

 This is Hanauma Bay. Joe has snorkeled there with his kids.

And the The Blow Hole

This is the view from the Crouching Lion Restaurant where we had lunch

Standing on the deck of the USS Missouri

Visiting the Arizona was a very moving experience for me.

We had some time to go through the USS Bowfin Submarine

This morning's sunrise

It was a beautiful day to tour Dole Pineapple Company

There were beautiful gardens there also. This is a rainbow Eucalyptus tree

I was so excited to get to see this sea turtle.  He was just laying there on the beach and didn't mind at all that 17 people wanted to have their pictures taken with him.

And last but certainly not the least, beautiful Chinaman's hat.  As I stood there, enjoying it's beauty, I was overwhelmed for a moment recalling all the beautiful moments I've had this week.  Our bags are packed, boarding passes printed and tomorrow, our shuttle will take us to the airport for our short jaunt to Kauai.  Thank you for putting up with this weeks recap. I realize it was way to long, but it was so hard to pick just one or two pictures representing each day of the week.