Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Trip Home Was Certainly Not Boring

We were part of the wagon train leaving the desert for home Thursday. It could be three long days of travel, but when you have a retired Greyhound Bus Driver for a husband, it's not boring!  The blossoms above are orange blossoms at the Orange Grove RV Park where we spent our first night. We have dear friends that  can't stay here because of the allergies. The fragrance is VERY strong, but we think very beautiful.
After we got things hooked up and set up for the night, the first thing on our agenda was to take a small hike to The California Fruit Depot just around the corner from the park. In the past we have bought oranges there and had them shipped. But we decided $30+ shipping for a $16 box of oranges wasn't for us anymore.  So we bought a bag, and a few goodies  and carried them back to the motor home.

On highway 99N again Friday morning, we enjoyed beautiful lakes,

Beautiful spring flowering trees,

Mountains with snow,

Mountains without snow,
The fun for me was we took the old Greyhound Route home. One of Joe's routes was Portland to Redding,CA. He knows every stop in every little town. This was one of them.

Awh, my beloved Oregon welcoming us back home.

The Siskiyou's were beautiful. Bare, dry pavement and blue skies.

When you are up on the mountain, you have to come down. So thankful for our tow package. The gear handler shifts down so Joe doesn't have to use the brakes as often.

We saw cows that were not real,

And cows that were real. There were also fields of sheep and horses too.
There were beautiful barns

And old barns
There were beautiful old buildings

Stately homes,

Homes that weren't so stately,
Fields with antique equipment,

PHOENIX???  I thought we were headed North. But indeed there is a Phoenix, Oregon.

We saw summer home "fixer upper's"

Beautiful country side,

Old towns,

and more old homes,

This old but well kept bridge and Joe have a history. It's down around Gold Hill, Oregon. He said as he would approach the Bridge with the Greyhound, he'd be praying he wouldn't meet a logging truck on the other end, because it is a very narrow bridge. Often he DID meet a truck and he says they had to take turns, one at a time. Who ever got there first went first.

This is the beautiful Rogue River that flows under that bridge.
We arrived home about 3:00Pm Sunday afternoon. To my delight, my floors were out. The Daffodils are almost finished blooming but the tulips are just starting. The heather is brilliant purple.  The weather stayed nice until Monday evening. Today we woke up to rain and wind. But I don't mind. I always say that is what makes  Western Oregon Beautiful and green.

Today, The truck house is in the shop for routine maintenance and some add ons....A new cover for the stove top and new shower head, and some adjustments on our entertainment center which for the moment just sits on top of the over head bed. Joe and I have a week of appointments then we will head for Washington for a week visiting Joe's kids and grandkids and my sister.  


  1. You certainly made good time on that drive home!

  2. Glad to hear that you made it home safely! I enjoyed seeing the contrasts you pointed out in your pictures.

  3. Loved your post and your pictures. Welcome home!

  4. Very scenic drive home and how nice for the flowers to be waiting for you.

  5. What a gorgeous drive. I love looking at photos of snow covered mountains. Glad all is well at home.

  6. Hopefully you will be able to have some nice summer trips as well. Glad you arrived safely. That is good.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Every time we drive through Oregon, I always comment that I forget what a beautiful state it is. Seeing as we are from Washington, you'd think I'd remember. We may have to check out the place you mentioned in the short post. There are so many areas I'd like to explore around Portland, and PNW summers are the best!

  8. What a beautiful drive! Much nicer than boring interstate. I am a fan of back roads and your blog just make me an even larger one.

  9. Nice travelogue of your trip home. Makes me want to be in Oregon again :)