Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another full Week

I thought I'd start my blog off with a picture that should make you smile or even laugh.  In a 23' Class C Rig, there really isn't a whole lot of room.  This is how I get my pots and pans out and how I put them away.. But it works for us and that's what's important.
A girl friend of mine and her neighbor were here in the desert for a couple of weeks and asked us to join them for "Happy Hour" at Jackalope Ranch" in Indio. Another friend of ours who has been there, told us to be sure and take our camera. What a beautiful place. 

The food portions were huge. I ordered what I thought would be a small bowl of Sweet Corn Chowder and a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. What I didn't realize it was a LARGE bowl and the sandwich include house made cole slaw, a large slice pickle and sweet potato fries.  I didn't even touch the sandwich. Took it home and had two lunches from it.

The waiting time was approximately 45 minutes, but the time went fast, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and good friends company.

Last week we had quite a little rain/wind storm here.  It was the first time I had seen a rainbow before the rain.

We chose one of those days to use the raffle tickets I won to go to the Palm Springs Air Museum. This was one of my favorite planes.

Joe was a paratrooper in the 82nd Air Borne All American Division, during his military time in the Army. He is sitting in a replica a C-119 Box Car,one of the planes he jumped from. It is just the front half of the plane but very interesting.

One of the highlights  of my day was meeting Artist  Chris Demarest  Not only is he an artist, but he spends time listening to the vets and then puts their stories into words above the pictures he paints of them. 

We left the Air Museum about 4:30 PM and headed for home which normally is about 20-30 minute drive. But not tonight. We went about a block and the police had the road blocked because of flooding so we turned on Vista Chino and it and every other side street was a grid lock. it took us one hour and 5 minutes to get to Palm Drive. Once on Palm Drive, and getting on to Varner Rd. it was a straight shot home with very little traffic.  If we would have stayed on Vista Chino, we would have been detoured again because they had closed it ahead.

This is what we saw, on the road on the way back to our RV Park it was raining and the wind was blowing.

But by the next morning all was well and there was snow on the mountain top.

Sunday, we headed for College of the Desert Street Fair again to pick up some dates and then were off on a mission to find Marilyn.

After finding her and taking our pictures, we decided to do a bit of walking in downtown Palm Springs. This is a pretty little strip mall with wonderful little stores including a clock shop. In past years, we have come here in the afternoon, and parked here so we'd have a place to park at the Thursday evening Street Fair.

Standing in front of the Famous Palm Springs Follies We were sorry to hear after 23 years, they are closing at the end of this season. We did get to see them a few years ago.

The fun continued as we decided to park the car along El Paseo Drive and walk a few blocks.  It was fun to window shop, but we didn't go inside. Beautiful flowers, Expensive Cars.....

Then we saw this. Four guys standing around it, admiring it, while the wives were patiently waiting on the sidewalk. Never heard of it before.

Have any of you car enthusiasts out there seen one before?

It's Time for the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament in Palm Springs.  Monday Joe and I decided to go check out the new stadium 2 that seats 8,000 people and the ground improvements. Monday and Tuesday were "free" days. I was impressed to say the least.  The good impression ended there. We decided to not take our lunch but grab a burger there.  What a mistake that was! 2 single burgers, two sodas, and one order of fries......$32!!!!!!  There were quite a few "grab and go" places to choose from, all priced out of site. The cheapest thing there was a bottle of water for 2 bucks. Oh, I forgot to say parking....$20.  OK FREE day.  And to add insult to injury, when we got to the gate, security was checking purses and bags and then did the wand thing. After checking my bag, I was permitted to pass, but when they scanned Joe, he was asked to empty his pockets. He had his little pocket knife he always carries in his pocket. His choice was to go clear back to the car, or toss it in the garbage. It was sad to see it being tossed into the garbage can. So in a day or two, we'll go shopping for a new one. A guy's gotta have his pocket knife.

We did have fun watching the famous tennis players we knew practicing  on the many courts, or working with their coaches and physical trainers. But after seven hours of standing on concrete or sitting on hard benches, I could hardly walk out to the car. So much hip pain too. But after a night of restless sleep, I got up and made Joe a good breakfast, packed him a great lunch and supper, and a few bottles of water in his back pack along with the camera, and sent him off with a big hug telling him to have a great time by himself. And a fun time he had.  He took lots of pictures and has great memories of being so close to the players as they did their practicing. He was there from 10:00AM until 9:00PM.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you are a tennis person, you'll know who they are.

This is the main entrance. So beautiful at night. Today we made a trip to Urgent Care.  Joe has been fighting a pain in his good ear and was loosing his hearing and it was also affecting his balance. After checking in, a nurse came around with bottles of water, I noticed anyone coughing was wearing a mask, we were given an electronic pager like you get when waiting at a restaurant, all the magazines were current, once in the room, and his vitals were taken, Dr. came in for a look in his ears. One ear had a "foreign object in it and was also infected, and the other one was like a wax museum. After a long process of irrigating both ears by the nurse, the Dr. re-examined them, wrote him a prescription for ear drops that has an antibiotic in it and sent us on our way. Charge? only our $40 copay. Oh, and did I mention, because we did this on the spur of the moment after dropping our friends off at the airport for their return trip to Portland, I didn't have any snacks with me.  And of course wouldn't you know it, my sugar dropped like a rock while waiting for Joe in the Dr. Office. No problem..... two little containers oforange juice and an oat and honey bar,given to me by the nurse, everything was fine again.  I was told not only do they pass out water in the waiting room, they pass out snacks too. :)   If you're ever in the Palm Springs area and in need of an Urgent Care Dr.   Eisenhower Urgent Care on Sunrise is the place to go.


  1. Well, if you've gotta go to urgent care I guess you were in the right place!! Sounds like they treated you right. I don't blame you for sending Joe off on his own...concrete walkways and hard bleacher seats are no fun. Glad he had a good time.

  2. Hi Betty and Joe:
    You guys are having so much fun - well, interspersed with a few aches and pains and visits to Urgent Care. I'm happy Joe's visit turned out well. as you know, I think, I'm on my way back to CA for knee surgery. I'm currently in Tucson for a few days; then up to Phoenix and over into California. I'd love to visit you if it's possible. How long will you be there? Email address. I'll be about another week or so in Arizona but then to CA. I don't have to be in Sacramento until the end of the month so have time to enjoy my own state. Love and hugs to you both. mp

  3. Wow you sure had a busy time and lotsa fun.
    Good things that Joe got his ears looked after, hope he feels better.

  4. Goodness! You certainly have been busy. That was an unbelievable price you paid for lunch.

  5. You had a very full week, so much better than most folks just sitting on their duffs at home. I am going to add that urgent care to my list of resources even though we wonT be in Palm Springs any time soon.

  6. Great to know that you and Joe were taken good care of. Hope he is feeling much better.

    You two are sure living the good life!

  7. Joe, you forgot to strap on your parachute for that photo in the plane. Hope you made it down o.k. You sure had a full time of fun, and quite a bit of food, too, from the sounds of it.

  8. You two are having enough fun for yourselves and John and I. We are getting closer to California day by day. Hope we make it to see you and Joe.

  9. Wow that's some week. you guys are busy beavers. Glad Joe's ears are ok. My mama always told me tweren't. nuthin free. They get you comin or goin. One way or the other.