Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Stop Before Palm Springs

This  morning we headed for Pismo Beach via Highway 101. It was beautiful to see the fog rising from the ground as the sun warmed the soil.

We only had two things on our agenda today. Meeting blogger friends and walking on the Pismo Beach Pier.

Look who we found in Pismo Beach. David and Carol Krajcar!  I called Carol when we were getting close to the Pacific Dunes RV park where we are staying for the night. These aren't just any blogger friends! These dear folks went out of their way to help us today. What a blessing they were. First they met us at our RV Park so Joe wouldn't have to unhook, and then gave us a tour of Pismo Beach, including a walk on the pier. 

  I had mentioned to Carol, that the last time I was here, there was a pelican sitting on the rail and he never moved. I no more than said that then I saw this!!! Again he acted if I wasn't even around.

You'll have to excuse my "doo"  the wind was blowing.

This is a link to Fishing off Pismo Beach Pier

After a walk on the pier, Carol and David suggested eating at The Cool Cat Cafe Great Choice guys. We will go back there again. After eating, they took us to an RV Store so Joe could replace the sewer cap he accidentally left behind where we were last night. I also got a kitchen sink plug to replace the one that disappeared since the last time we used the rig. Then if that wasn't enough, when they brought us home, David looked at our DVD which some how was missing the cords that hook it to the TV......then he and Joe got back in the car, went to Radio Shack, showed Joe what to buy, then after he purchased them, they came back and David hooked it all up in less then five minutes!!! Now we can watch our favorite movies again. Tonight's movies... "Operation Petticoat" and "Return to Me" While they were gone it gave Carol and I a chance to get better acquainted. Thank you again so much David. We love meeting new blogger friends.  We are going to have the opportunity to do that again in Desert Hot Springs but will save that for another blog.

This is our spot for tonight. Pacific Dunes RV Resort in Oceano,CA just down the road a spot from Pismo Beach. Full Hook ups, Encore Park, came in on RPI $18.50.

A beautiful sunset to end a wonderful day.


  1. How fun to meet up with Carol and David. I love your pelican buddy.

  2. So happy you are traveling and its easy to tell by your posts that you are enjoying!

    I Love pelicans . . . they are so much fun to watch, especially as they dive for their dinner.

    Just keep on having fun!


  3. Woo hoo, a pelican to pose with! We ordered that just for you. ;-) It was a pleasure to meet both of you and to turn our blogging friendship into an "in person" friendship! Safe travels to Palm Springs.

  4. That pelican is just too cute - and so is your "do" haha. Glad you got to meet Dave and Carol. They're special people. Have a safe trip to DHS.

  5. I love the pelicans! And what a cool picture of you standing right there with it...
    So glad you had a wonderful day with friends.
    Safe travels to Hot Springs!

  6. Your first photo is so beautiful. It almost looks fake. Good job!

  7. What a great day you had. This is what it's all about. Carol and David sound like mighty nice folks. But what is RPI that you mentioned with your latest park. Probably I should know this but if I do, I don't remember. LOL

  8. How wonderful. I am excited for you two to experience your first "snowbird" experience and I know that your blogging friends are looking forward to your posts. I have another set of blogger friends that are snowbirds at the Sands resort in Palm Dessert I believe. Rick and Paulette...she is an advid quilter and I met her via blogging only.

    Enjoy the sunshine.

  9. You sure can't beat having personal tour guide. :)

  10. How nice to be able to meet new folks. We love, love the Pismo Beach area.

  11. Gee, you are going to be at your destination before we even get out of Alabama. And you get to meet up with friends! Wonderful day.

    Love your pelican friend.

  12. Hi Joe and Betty:
    I'm behind on my blog reading. Glad you're having a nice time on the coast. Winter fog is sometimes quite influential on how much you can see, but it looks like you're having a ball. I'm back from my jaunt to CA - check out my blog for an update. We may be in the same area at the same time sometime soon. Hugs