Sunday, February 2, 2014

On our way to the desert via the coast route

What a beautiful way to start our trip. This rainbow appeared on our way to the coast.

After four days with little or no internet, tonight we are at an RPI park that has great reception. So time to catch up on  my blog reading and writing.

We are taking the coast route down to LA and catching the 10 to Desert Hot Springs.

The Ocean was  choppy but beautiful.

For those who know Joe and his shiny squeaky clean automobiles ......can you imagine what he was going through seeing the car like that ??? And the MH didnt look much better.....

But its nice and clean again.

I love the Oregon Coast  Bridges

The Redwoods were beautiful.
Along the way we passed an Elk Preserve and they were not shy at all.

We stayed overnight at TT Russian River RV Resort.I have never seen a pine cone this big! I would love to have taken it home as the Ranger suggested, but the look on Joe's face suggested a picture of it would be MUCH better. 

The Madonna Trees are beautiful

This is the clubhouse. Wasn't any activity going on. The ranger said it gets busy in the summer. But there were quite a few RV's parked. 

There was an empty site across from us and I noticed it was very busy.  Robins Blue Jays, a Woodpecker, others that I didn't know their names, and even a grey squirrel. I sat on a bench there just watching. And these nice little critters told me I could take there picture.

This was Joe's first time for crossing the Oakland Bridge. And what a day we chose to cross it.  It was blowing hard, raining hard and the birds were "flying backwards"

As we were driving along I was looking out my side window and believe it or not there was medium size dead fish laying on the fog line. The water was sloshing up over that concrete barrier. Can you see the sea gull?

I was thanking the Lord the whole time that we were on the lower deck. I can't imagine having to be on the top deck going North.  It was a bit scary.

But I had my Greyhound Bus Driver and the Lord at the wheel so I knew all was well.

The rain continued until we were almost to our destination, Scotts Valley, not far from Santa Cruz.  We have taken our time getting to the desert and it has been a wonderful trip.  I never tire of seeing God's Handiwork. Tomorrow we are meeting new blogger friends in Pismo Beach. We come clear to California to meet this nice couple who live right in our "back yard" of Vancouver, WA.  


  1. I hope to see the redwoods some day! love the pic of the blue bird. safe travels, always praying and enjoy every minute!

  2. I hope to see the redwoods some day! love the pic of the blue bird. safe travels, always praying and enjoy every minute!

  3. You must be meeting Dave and Carol - great people! Tell them hello from us. That bridge crossing looks a little scary. It sure is nice to have an experienced driver. So glad you two are having such a great time. Enjoy - you deserve it.

  4. Great post Betty. I am so glad to see you two out and about. That picture of the oregon bridge and the one of the redwoods are just gorgeous. But the Oakland bridge did look scary. Lucky you to have a bus driver with so much experience to drive your rig! Good planning on your part. LOL!!

  5. What an exciting post! I am so thrilled for you and Joe as you head out for new adventures...beautiful shots of God's handiwork!

  6. Enjoy your trip. It's great that you're finally on the road. There's lots to see and do and looks like you're enjoying every minute of it.

  7. Nice blog for going to CA, I have made that trip often and I could visualize every mile of it.

  8. So happy to see you guys are on the road finally and headed south. Love the blue jay pic (I think it's a blue jay). Safe travels.

  9. You are making good progress on your trip. Looking forward to meeting both of you today!

  10. The nice thing about being retired is you can take time to smell the roses. Safe travels.

  11. So glad you gave Joe the keys! Love your photos. Traveling in the rain is not exactly fun, yet it gives a different perspective to the scenery. Travel safely!

  12. We've taken that same trip both ways several times so I really enjoyed all the photos - especially the one of the bridge into Oakland!

  13. So glad you are finally on your way. We'll be heading for Alaska this spring so we're hanging out in Washington State for now. Have a wonderful time!