Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Joe, We Have Company!!!

Joe had just come back from playing pickle ball and this big silver looking truck pulled up. I looked closer and I recognized that white beard and the two mutzos in the back seat. Rick, Molly and Rylie had come for a visit. 

We were thrilled. Rylie and Molly were perfect pups while we were visiting. For those of my family and friends who are wondering who Rick is, He's one of our blogger friends and also a huge help when I'm having computer problems. He and his wife Paulette are wintering down the road from us. In our visit today, we talked about how fun it would be if those of us bloggers who are in the area could get together in one place for a visit. Thank you Rick for coming our way. We really enjoyed our visit with you. And Rylie and Molly, you come visit again too.

After we said goodbye to Rick we decided to go to Niiland, close to the Saltan Sea to visit friends who are staying at Bashfords RV Resort  near there. On the way we passed many date palm groves.

This is just a small view of the Salton Sea

My friend for over 40 years, Karin.

We laugh because we just live across the Willamette River from each other in Oregon and only get together a couple times a year and in CA. we drive an hour and a half for a short visit. It was a fun afternoon with them. 

They gave us a tour of their park. Of interest to us were these baths which are called pots. The mineral water flows from 530 feet deep within in the earth  at the foot of the  Chocolate Mountains into the parks well at 150 degrees where it is cooled and piped into the pots. When you get in the pot, if the temperature isn't to you liking you can add hot or cold water to your comfort. When your done you clean the pot, pull the plug and reset the plug and it fills back up again. 

The sun setting on the Chocolate Mountains

We said our goodbyes, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset all the way back to  Palm Springs where we had supper at Hibachi City Buffet before getting a few groceries and heading home.

It was beautiful to see so many changes in colors

I was enjoying a visit on the phone with my sister. Joe stopped the car right on the road, (no one was coming either direction) and took these pictures.

Beautiful aren't they.
As I was taking my walk this morning I noticed the very fragrant flowers along side the clubhouse.  Can anyone tell me their name please?  Thanks in advance.


  1. You had quite a day of visits. Just gorgeous pictures. You can't beat those desert skies.

  2. Hi Betty:
    Maybe some kind of Jasmine. The flower looks like Start Jasmine but I'm not sure about the leaves. Beautiful photos and lots of fun with Oregon neighbors!
    I'm at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles, LA - and sick as a dog!!! Darn. I caught the Betty's web cold and flu and although my good friends Nancy and Doug are here I've spent 98% of my time in bed. Hope today will be the turning point.
    You're having great time and I'm loving reading and seeing all your friends, activities and nature shots.

  3. I think I like the idea of those Pots over say, a hot tub. I've never been a fan of hot tubs. Too many *things* left behind in the water. Gah!

  4. Nice that you finally got to meet Rick and the mutzos.
    We will get to Catalina Spa today for three nights, then down the road to Desert Pools for 4 nights.

  5. Good morning! Your photos are gorgeous--I don't know what that flower is but it's beautiful! The Pots are neat--have never seen anything like that! What a great visit with Rick & the mutzos! Take good care.

  6. It was great seeing you and Joe yesterday. I really enjoyed our visit and am looking forward to getting together with our blogger friends for dinner soon.

  7. It looks like the white flower might be star jasmine (or maybe honeysuckle). Hard to tell without seeing it in person. The pictures are just beautiful. We have stopped on the road form time to time to get a good shot - can't be helped lol! Nice that you got to meet Rick and the muttzos.

  8. What a super day! Friends, sunsets a nice drive - can't ask for many more blessings, can you.

    Now, what is on your next plate to enjoy?

  9. Great to see Rick and the mutzos show up there at your place! Sure is a great place to be for you all. Our snow is all melted now, but we've got rain in store for the whole week. Lots better than snow and ice. We have some friends that live in Niland, too. It's a nice warm place to be in the winter. They are from Oregon, too. How coincidental. Glad to see you and Joe enjoying all that great sunshine and warm weather.

  10. I love following both Rick and Paulette's blogs. I am an avid wool hand stitcher and drool at all of Paulette's finished quilts and project.

  11. It is nice to see fellow bloggers :-) Looks like a great place, and I agree it looks like star Jasmine. Very sweet smelling.

  12. Those kind of days are always so much fun. We've been visiting with friends here in Yuma. At home we live about 1/2 mile apart, but we are never home at the same time, so it's nice to visit and go out to dinner down here.