Monday, February 17, 2014

Hats and Fixing Things

Saturday I wrote about  the Reo. Sunday morning, as we came into the Grace Church parking lot, there was the Reo in its place of honor.  Yep, it's own special parking spot. It helps that the owner is Grace Church's Office Manager. I forgot to mention that at the car show Saturday, they had a raffle. Lots of nice gifts.  I don't usually do raffles, but this time I did $5.00 for seven tickets.  I won two tickets to the Palm Springs Air Museum  . Did that ever make Joe happy.  He loves that place and it was on our "bucket list" of things to do while we were here. By the way. Senior price for tickets.... $13 each.

After Church we headed out for The College of the Desert Street Fair.  Somethings have changed in the last few years since we were there.  Look just above the things hanging for sale, it looks like a huge carport. Well when college is in session, it is parking but those are all Solar Panels. Hundreds and hundreds of them. The COD Street Fair is held on the weekends and as many vendors as can fit under them, have extra protection from the hot sun. 

Our main goal for the afternoon was to buy hats to protect us from the sun. 

I'm not a lover of "selfys" but Joe is over at the club house playing Pinochle. This was my purchase for a hat. But I soon found out that bling doesn't necessarily make good protection from the sun.

So, because it was President's Day, COD was held over an extra day. Joe needed to exchange a purchase he made and then we headed back to where the hat's were. I don't like to wear hats, mainly because well, I just don't. But this time I bought something practical, not pretty. It's just like Joe's except mine is dark under the brim. It will give me more protection.  Next I will go to Michaels and buy some pretty ribbon I have in mind and I will make it a little more feminine. Another picture to come after I fix it up.
Now if you are wondering about the second part of my title, Here it is.Fixing Things
I have never met Welby personally, but I "know" her. I have read all her books, corresponded with her and she has been such an inspiration to me over the years.  I guess the reason for that is, in all the books she has written, she has "been there, done that". She had already walked the path I was walking at that time.  Can't recommend her books enough... and no, she didn't pay me to say this. In fact she doesn't even know I did it.  i was just so touched by her recent blog I just had to share it with you.


  1. I don't like anything on my head but I guess it's pretty necessary when you're in the desert. I bet you'll fix that hat up just great.

  2. In this hot desert sun you really do need to protection from the sun. Nice looking hats.

  3. I enjoyed reading Welby's blog. Thank you for sharing it.

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  5. I don't wear hats either unless I have to out in the desert sun. I have a pink Rte 66 baseball cap that I use. Doesn't really give enough protection but it helps.

  6. In my opinion, hats are fun! Some are for utility, some for play, I like 'em all!

  7. That sure was $5 well spent I'd say. Love both of your hats! I wear a hat here too in order to keep my face out of the sun. You've probably seen it on the blog. I have several hats with wide brims but I really don't like to wear them. I have such thick hair they make my head sweat. If I'm at the beach, unless I'm in the water, I wear long sleeves and long pants for the same reason. And I still ge brown. Brown skin of course is the same as frying it. What we didn't know when we were young could fill volumes couldn't it?