Saturday, February 15, 2014

Car Show

Today was a special day. Joe's cousins entered their 1933 Reo in a Car Show in Desert Hot Springs, sponsored by the Elks

The really special thing about it is, the car was a gift to Rositta and Marty from her Dad. He bought it and over a seven year period restored it to what it is today.

and today he was here for the car show and witnessed Marty receiving a first place trophy for his division.

Proud owners in the rumble seat.

The following few pictures are winners in their respective divisions.

Of course Joe being the loyal person he is would mark #10 (the REO) as his first choice...... but his own personal first love.... this Oldsmobile.

And I had my first love too. He rides with his master, the owner of a Black Three Wheel Motorcycle like the orange one above. It was a fun day, getting to spend time with family. 


  1. Good mix of cars there. Like the cat sleeping on the hood of the old Ford!!

  2. The old ones are still the best ones, aren't they? The older I get the more I believe that to be true! LOL

  3. What a great collection of vehicles. It is wonderful that the "Reo" legacy continues.

  4. Congratulations to Rositta and Marty on their win. What a neat gift her dad gave them. Glad he could be there to share in the victory.

  5. Nice looking Reo, love cars shows, too bad I did not know about it. A great day for it.

  6. Most people would be amazed at the hours of love that goes into one of those restorations. Very nice work.

  7. Great pics of the car show!

    While you and Joe were stalking old cars I was busy stalking Air Force One.

    Another great day in Desert Hot Springs.